Legal or not????

Discussion in 'Security' started by yetibear, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. High All, I was wondering if anyone knows if it's legal for a card holder to "trade" mmj plants that are in vegitation stage with other card holders who are not patients, or care givers to you?​

  2. check your local laws i am sure every mmj state is different and has different laws regarding mmj
  3. In California, a medical marijuana patient (cardholder) can legally hand a plant to another patient (cardholder).

    I think a caregiver is a person who is designated by a patient so that the caregiver grows medicine for the patient and only that patient, unless they signed multiple patients. I don't think caregivers can hand them plants though...just medicine.:)
  4. u can legally barter between patients, u can "donate" each other weed and plants in return for a "donation" yes its legal make sure u and other dude(ette) are current on doc's rec:hello:
  5. unless u live in washington, where it is illegal to do anything but smoke your own

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