Legal or Not? Great Marijuana Debate

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  1. By Andrew M. Seder, Tribune Regional Staff
    Source: Scranton Times

    Dunmore -- After a lively 90-minute debate on the legalization of marijuana, many of the 125 Penn State Worthington Scranton students in attendance left with plenty of new information, but not a change in opinion.
    The touring debate between Steven Hager, the editor of High Times magazine, and Robert Stutman, a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent, left the Dunmore campus Wednesday night, but their discussion and thoughts stayed behind.

    "I think it was a great debate and though it didn't sway my opinion, I still think I learned a lot about the flip side of the argument," said Jennifer Ricardo, a 20-year-old junior from Scranton. She said she is anti-marijuana and believes those who want to legalize it under the guise of medicinal purposes are out for themselves and nobody else.

    Others at the talk thought differently.

    "I think you should be able to do what you want," said Joe Kane, 19, a sophomore from Scranton. "I think everyone should have that option. If you can buy beer at 21 then you should be able to buy marijuana too, as long as it's regulated."

    One student, 20-year-old freshman Ray Ubaldi, of Lake Wallenpaupack, said he came into the debate on the fence but left with a con point of view because Mr. Stutman "seemed to be more scientifically backed up."

    Whether the students were for or against the legalization of marijuana, they still showed up and asked questions.

    Student Government Association president Claudia Vitelli, a 20-year-old junior from Lake Ariel, said she was impressed with the large turnout and was proud of her schoolmates for attending a Wednesday night debate.

    "It's a hot topic and I felt the debate was well done," she said. She said she found both men had interesting approaches to getting their points across. But she wasn't swayed. She's still anti-marijuana, but said she does believe those using it for medicinal purposes shouldn't be arrested.

    Both debaters agreed with that opinion. Mr. Stutman said the policy that imprisons marijuana users was "stupid." Though the two men concurred on some of the issues, it was made clear neither was going to sway the other.

    Source: Scranton Times (PA)
    Author: Andrew M. Seder, Tribune Regional Staff
    Published: March 20, 2003
    Copyright: 2003 The ScrantonTimes

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