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"legal" moving closer - gotta learn new strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Grinder12000, May 18, 2019.

  1. Not a BAD problem but after learning all the strains in Colorado and the 1000 mile drive a new venue has opened up that is more like a 200 mile drive - SADLY - with all new strains.

    The one I have found to be WONDERFUL is "MAG Landrace" from ILL via Iran.

    OMG this is a wonderful strain. But there are so many new things to try. It's like a have to start my strain reviews all over again. work work work.

    If anyone has any favorites from Illinois I would love to hear them. And YES - Medical only in ILL
  2. You drove a thousand miles for pot? You must have been highly motivated.
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  3. sounds like a good problem to have!
    that Landrace sounds fancy.

    the phrase is "no new strain, no gain", right??
  4. Yea - after 3 years of vacations to Colorado and testing 23 strains and finding favorites - Illinois has a completely new menu.
  5. MAAAAN, there are sooooooo many different strains out there is ridiculous!!
  6. I KNOW - I have 5 fav's from CO but ILL is totally unknown. Legal Eagle, Death Star, any Cookies, Gorilla Glue, ChemDawg all stand out - now ?????? A new world LOL
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  7. Every single flower from the company that grows the mag mile(gold leaf/atraxia) have amazing flower and concentrates. In particular I am a huge fun. Of purple punch. Grape sugar cookies from bedford and vanilla berry pie is an amazing strain I cannot remember who grows it though.
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  8. In ILL you can only go to one dispensary that you are registered too. So a person is sort of stuck when what they have. I have HCI Alternatives They have a lot of Goldleaf so that is good to know. I'll check out Purple Punch as it was already on my list!! CandyLand and Bio Jesus shake for joints. Super glue has my interest also.

    LOVE recommendations.
  9. Here is a couple pictures of the latest scoops..Pakistan valley,thin mint cookies, and twisted lime og the pakistan and twisted lime are from a new grower and the thin mint is from little Egypt/ieso I just tried raspberry glue from them which was also wonderful. You mentioned that you only get what the dispensarys carry. There are only like 8 companies that grow cannabis in il so noone is getting anything different if you ask the shop you go too they can probably get you something that a company carries if you want it. Like if you never see sunny d on your menu they can request gold leaf bring that flower.. hope you like the eye candy pics
    20190518_143136.jpg 20190516_072820.jpg 20190517_151948.jpg
  10. Also you can change dispensaries if there is another one close enough and always go back to the original you started at
  11. Since ILL will be recreational legal January 1 this won't be a real problem soon. LOL
  12. Luckily for me I. Humboldt county, CA I can walk to a store if I don't like what they have walk down a couple stores and another dispensary. Eureka is the heart of the emerald triangle in northern California. Literally the whole city is turning into a giant Marijuana factory.
  13. You can still get the mainstream strains. Download the leafly app and search what the dispensaries have in stock. Currently smoking on G6, Ghost train haze, pink kush (awesome), Gorilla Glue 4.
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  14. What effects are you lookin to achieve from the strains u posted looks like pain n mood? Honestly I wouldn’t go to far out of the strains u posted ya got good taste. If u come across som OG kush, sour diesel, white widow or blueberry I’d def give em a go unless you’ve been there and done that.

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