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Discussion in 'General' started by skunkw33d420, Apr 17, 2003.


Alternative hydro buds? Good or Bad You Decide.

  1. Do u think alternative smoke works

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  2. would you try alternative smoke

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  3. have you tried alternative hydro buds

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  4. can you compair the between real mj & alternative hydro buds

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  1. Hello people,

    I just wanted your imput if any of you ever tried these mj alternative smokes.

    I was wondering if these ( legal ) hydro buds really work.

    be honest if you did try them i would really like to know, good or bad input. thx -peace-

    also once again anyone from the spokane wa state area send me an e mail introduce yrself. being new here in spokane it would be nice to chat a bit to get to know the area.
  2. while I dont fully understand the poll options, Ill just say that not worth the time or money and time
  3. Yeah man whats with the poll options? Anyway from what i heard those things are nothing but crap that gives you a bad headache. There is no alternative for the great herb.
  4. LOL good poll options I agree... anyways, if you want something else to smoke, try salvia. not that its an alternative for weed, its a lot different, but i think its legal.
  5. ow.. my head hurts.... each option is a question....


  6. Yeh jus buy some Salvia if u want 2 buy anything legal although it's still shitty tho. Jus Fuck Da Law n Smoke Da Draw cause ya kno tha theres only 1 Mary Jane :)
  7. as an ALTERNATIVE, I dont suggest salvia.
  8. doesnt salvia make you trip balls
  9. what is up with your poll???? i didnt get it? but i havent ever tried legal bud? is it work good?

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