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Legal Medicinal Cannabis In Britain ACHIEVED

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by claygooding, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Legal Medicinal Cannabis In Britain ACHIEVED!
    \n“”This is the most joyous news that I have dreamed of writing for years. Legal access to herbal medicinal cannabis in Britain has been achieved!
    Following a procedure on which we have offered advice and guidance, a CLEAR member has returned to the UK from Holland with 90g of Bedrocan medicinal cannabis which was prescribed by his UK GP. He declared the medicine at customs, all 18 tubs containing five grams each were examined, he showed the various documentation which we have obtained and he was authorised to proceed.”" ‘snip'
    \nThis may get called a foul but British customs looked at the paperwork and passed it through,,busted them for some illegal mustard though. :smoke:

  2. You know how them Brits are when you try smuggling in Grey Poupon. :)
  3. Good for you guys!

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