Legal Medical/Recreational Wholesale Prices

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  1. New to the site and the industry in general. I wanted to put out a general question as to what purchasing managers for dispensaries and/or producers are buying/selling wholesale pounds for right now in legal markets, especially in Colorado/Washington/Oregon/California? What prices are people seeing at what quantity and quality (indoor/outdoor/top shelf/ bottom shelf). Be as general or specific as you want, just at least include the location.
  2. Depends on the quality but anywhere from 2800-4000 in SoCal, maybe more than 4k if it's a stellar sativa/indica.
  3. Hello :) Im very familiar with the emerald triangle and Shasta county/Mt. Shasta markets. I am only on the farm end but our MMRSA Farm has been legally donating product to collectives long before the new MMRSA Laws were signed in. Now that we are working with a Licensed vendor from the Chico/North Sacramento area i feel like i have a little bit of knowledge about Retail/Wholesale on Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse. For legal reasons i do recommend getting a lawyer to make sure you are following all local laws were you are planning on farming, and also paying an AG professional to make sure you are following all local Agricultural laws as well. Thats just my knowledge on California and what you have to do to make sure your able to donate/sell product in the first place. As of right now the vendor is paying, to the farmers, PER UNIT ($600/last years out)($800-$1200/mids) ($1400-$1800+/top shelf outdoor/greenhouse) ($1800-$3000 for indoor/greenhouse/clean green cert) Here in california prices are based on Nose, nugget size, lab tests% and how disturbed the trichomes are on the final product. In order to get the $3k+ per your looking at Clean Green Cert/Lab tests/Greenhouse grown. Thats all assuming your product didnt test for contaminants. Hope this helps you understand how Northern California looks from the Legal Side of things, and maybe we can get some other states to chime in here to see how this US market is looking this year :) Stay safe and lets ALL work on making sure ALL farmers (food/cannabis) are getting paid a fair wage for there products, and work to make Natural foods an medicines more affordable to the masses. Keep it Clean And Keep it Green

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