Legal med grow room starting september!!!!!!

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    Just got a caregiver card... These are some seeds that i have, Jacky White, Ice Cream, Delahaze(Paradise seeds) fems, and Arjan's Haze #1(Greenhouse Seeds) fem. Dont know what strain to start with maybe Ice Cream. Im currently ordering a BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM when it arrives i will start hooking every thing up. Hoping to start late August early September. Most people will think this is overkill however i am legal and grow for a sick family member therefor there is no such thing as overkill. I want to provide the best medicine possible for my patients and for the love of this hobby. First serious grow indoor(like to challenge myself) and i have decided to go Ebb&Flow Hydro/ Rockwool cubes and Hydroton. Sorry i don't have pics yet but i will A.S.A.P.
    for now this is the best i can do. a ghetto sketch.. lol. let me know what u guys/girls think. I will be using advanced nutrients Sensi grow a/b,Voodoo Juice, Sensi bloom a/b, Carboload, Overdrive, Final Phase. I have delivered a dedicated 75 amp service to this grow

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  2. lol why'd you delete the other threads?
  3. I resized the pic once and added a few things to the room the last time a little ocd maybe lol. but thanks for the reply/rep
  4. looks good Arnold! using a lot of watts there. Where in the house will this be? it looks like a nice chunk of space. So far youve thought of everything. just make sure you get the right drippers and time your water correctly
  5. ah ok thats good. and i hope your shopping around. that seems like a bit to much for that system .
  6. This is the cheapest so far that i could find but if you can lead me in a better direction that would be great
  7. naa i dont know any. i would just make it myself and save some money. but thats just me
  8. I could, i have couple weeks to decide. Im Still waiting to get this, my intellidoses, and my burglar alarm system before i start
  9. ??????????????????
  10. ?? whats the ? for?

    how will your burglar alarm be setup ? make sure it doesnt get you in trouble.
  11. Just tryn to get some more opinions...

    The alarm is there for intruders how can i get in to trouble im legal?
  12. it's still illegal under federal law, and federal law trumps state law.

    If I was in CA I'd get a cargiver card though.
    One day the DEA will be reined in and told to fucking leave marijuana alone
  13. theres no such thing as a "caregiver" card in ca.. theyve got Prop 215, and you can be a designated caregiver and fill out all of the proper forms.. yes federal law will still fuck you, as well as any other officers that wana be dicks that day.! good luck
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    I live in RI and there is such thing as a caregiver card , im looking at mine rite now.
    I would hope that the feds wouldnt waste there time with a caregiver who grows 24 plants but i am aware that its not legal (fed) still dont really understand it. Why is it legal through the state?
  15. 75 amps, and state level legality... can't wait to see how this turns out. You better do some damage....... I would.
  16. It goes down to a Constitutional Argument.... it's legal in the state.... the federal government will still come in and take you down and that's why we have one of the worst governments in the world... it's written in the Constitution that states can govern themselves, meaning any state law that is not specifically specified in the federal law (IE - Medical Marijuana Laws) *should* rule.... but that's the problem with America in general.

    PS: I really do know what I am talking about, just a little high right now so it may not make sense.
  17. Thanks
    I think its just the law doesnt make sense itseif. lol
  18. Forgot to mention that alarm is just an autodial sytem that just pages me or calls up to 6 numbers that i program

  19. there is such a thing here in CA and it allows you to provide for people with med cards. It makes you the immediate grower/provider for their meds.

    Im getting one this week and everything was explained to me when i went to get my card the first time.

    police really cant federally fuck you . and as long as your not growing big , the DEA or FBI wont bother with you. They are going after the dispensary's that have way more weed than us home growers.

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