Legal marijuana in Illinois?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by funkybreeze420, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. How many here think that Illinois will soon legalize pot? I remember one of my friends telling me that if Colorado passed amendment 64(He told me this before it was passed) Illinois would soon follow. Do you think they'll at least legalize it for medical use here in Illinois. I already started hearing about getting tickets instead of getting arrested if you're caught with it as long as its below a certain amount. So for anyone living in IL what do you guys think?
  2. That is true in Chicago because of the crime rate. And the answer to your question about passing medicinal, I am so used to being disappointed with our policies, I am not holding my breath. Last I heard we were three votes short still.... Here is to hoping it passes.

    I'm sure it will be so restrictive it won't matter much to most of us but anything that will further the cause is positive.
  3. i sure as hell hope so. it was already decriminalized in chicago over the summer... which is a step in the right direction. as a resident of illinois, i think it would be fucking AWESOME if it was legal. can't really imagine it though...
  4. Nope. Not anytime soon. We can't even get Medical to pass.
  5. I dont see it happening anytime soon
  6. I actually just read that they're voting on medical in two days on the 8th because the vote kept getting delayed. Hopefully it will be passed!!!!! :D

  7. Yup, that's the deadline for it. Got my fingers crossed!
  8. Holy shit.... that's tomorrow!!! I'm pumped

  9. wow that is actually extremely encouraging
  10. So if this is passed is it going to be decriminalized as well because then that would mean that you can't get arrested for it no more right?
  11. nope, just means a 3 year trial period for medicinal users

    its been decrim (so they fine you) in Chicago and some other burbs, but at the discretion of the officer pulling you over. The chicago decrim happened in august
  12. Marijiana legalization is a bad thing.
  13. please elaborate...

    Chicago police, at least the ones I've been in contact with care less about you having bud on your person, hell, last summer we were hotboxing the hell out of my friends ride and the cops just looked at us a smiled, we freaked for a sec, but then was like, no biggie, Chicago has enough of a crime problem, they shouldnt be wasting their time busting marijuana users, just thought I would share..
  14. It not being legalized for us.. it so super wealthy can continie ro peofit becuase thwy will be able ro producw on such a mass scale no one can competw or even find a reasonnto grow their own...... marijiana legalization will leave millions with a huge loss of income.and drive.crime rates up... osnit so bad to.gon home and smokenon the pricacy of your own home???.. there are sp many reasons this isb the tip of the berg.... therw is so much more to marojiana thannjust smoking and getting high. We value it because it has value.. im telling you legalization is not good
  15. .... What? Is English your second language? Geez Louise
  16. Also cocaine heroin will be rampant as as local dealer tuen to these drugs ro dins peofir so more bad drugs more crimw less money.. more govermwntal control... for once in our licws thw peoplw control somethinf and we are goinf to turn that control over to the govr fuxk rather pay 200 an oz than be funding the already super wealthy... is it so bad to maybe pay 200 an oz to a guy who has no othee option but to grow marijuana to make a living vs 100 bucks to peollw who dont need the money... grow your own id you cant afford it... like you said no one cares about marijuana anyways so why legalize ot and givw our power away whyy whyy whyh whyy...
  17. No my fingers are big as fuck on a smartphone and I dont take the type this shit out for ninies
  18. Anyone get results for the bill yet???

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