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  1. My Friends! This is Fun!

    HighGrow is the world's first artificially simulated marijuana growing program. You can choose and plant three seeds at any time, and then watch them grow into large potent marijuana bushes, harvesting them when you feel they have reached their peak potency!
    This educational program realistically imitates the life-cycle of the Cannabis plant. You'll be able to adjust the lighting, water, fertilize, prune and care for your developing plants, while learning more about them at the same time! This shareware version is fully functional, but restricted to a 100 day grow cycle.

    Download it here:
  2. you could go to and get version 3.0 and its the full vertion with a 300 day time limit. its got a forum too.
  3. wow really really old thread. why would you do that when you can do it for real?

  4. practice?
  5. That was why I downloaded it at first. The main issue that I had with it from a practice standpoint is that you don't have the luxury of feeling how hot the lights are to decide if you need to raise them or if you can lower them. Also, it's too hard to see the deficiencies on the leaves, because of the low resolution pictures. I will admit to having played with it for the better part of a run (I gave up on it when my real life garden became a bit more fun :)) The other issue that I have is that you can't control micronutrients and things like magnesium and you can't adjust the pH in the solution (or measure it until the next day)
  6. my mission for grasscity is to revive all the dead threads. mwaahahaha:metal:
  7. good job so far.

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