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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hippie john, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. I still live with my parents.:( I have a greenhouse thats about 12 x 9. I want to grow a shitload of crops in there but unfortunatly my parents also have access (That means no weed:(). Are ther any other things that anyone suggests is a good smoke. try for nothing illegal, my mom is a VERY law abiding sitizen.

    P.S. I'm still going to do a small Marijuana grow thats hidden for like 2 plants, So I'll still have my weed supply!:)
  2. nothin that'll get u high is legal.

    the gov doesnt want us to have fun.

    I remember some kind of seeds..they are legal to buy, but illegal to use. someone indulge him ? forget teir name blue somthin
  3. I was lookin at that wild Lettuce opium, but anything that legal and cheap must suck ass. I would love to grow some Salvia divinorum, If anyone has an idea where i can get some cuttings i would really appreciate it.:)
  4. i grow salva in the U greenhouse.

    its in the mint family. pretty easy to grow.

    my understanding is that it doesnt really flower no seeds.

    i know u are all asking me..."doesnt flower?!?!?!"

    well it least not where i have it or have heard of.

    central american cultures have been using it for many a 100 years. and cutting is the only way that i know how to get it. but once u do have it...its needs about the same growing techniques as weed. bright sun and warm temps.

    oh and all lettuce has opate like compound in it...some more than others and i have forgotten which kind does and doesnt.
    but the method is this...get the kind that has relatively hi% of it in there (look it up). then u cook it down to a paste and scrap that off the sides of the bowl that u cooked it down and smoke that.

    personally...i REALLY LIKE WEED...dont see a reason to change
  5. I like weed too!:) but with parents around you have to do something legal. I know that salvia doesnt set seed, and that kind of sucks.:( hey man, where do you live? could I get some cuttings off you for a fair price?:)
  6. first one on the list...

    cant imagine that u cannot order this online.

    and no u cant have mine...its UW property and they get pissed when people graze in the greenhouses and get stoned:)

    altho i go IN STONED perd near every day.
  7. man, if someone could hook it up with a saliva clone, i would also be willing to pay for a well rooted one.

  8. See! you already have 2 buyers. If you have a whole green house full it just cut 2 little branches off and put em in the mail and name your price!
  9. Move out get your own place.
  10. Just grow your pot somewhere else why does it have to be in the green house?
  11. There are plenty of psycho-active plants that are'nt illegal, the problem with most of them is, you would need a lab and a chem. degree to extract and synthesize them into a safe, usable form. For instance, the flowers of tomato plants,( before they develop into "maters"), are chock full of the same alkaloids present in Belladonna, which is a very powerful hallucinogen. Unfortunately, if you don't know exactly how to do it you could easily ingest a lethal dose.
    I say forgo the greenhouse and find an isolated spot for an outdoor grow.
  12. yeah, i'm gonna get some salvia for the green house and have a hidden 2 plant ScrOG grow.:D

  13. Heavenly blue morning glory seeds and a few other types are what you are thinking of. I tried heavenly blue, and yeah, I did trip, but it wasn't worth it. I'd just as soon stick to more well known drugs.
  14. i have tried baby woodrose and morning glory... i had to eat a SHIT load... didn't get sick like most people though... guess cuz i flamed the fuzzy shit off the seeds... anyone done GHB? ... it is almost like a weak dose of that... kinda drunk feeling, but more in control ya know?
  15. There wasn't any fuzzy stuff on my seeds. And i washed mine off. I did everything like I was supposed to. And i didn't get sick, I just felt sick.
  16. has anyone tried wild lettuce opium?
  17. Hey i was in one of the same situations u were kinda except with out the green house lol well ne ways go here i was checking it out u may have to lie bout ur age though

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