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  1. The following is a true story, nothing has been changed to protect anybody.
    My wife and I lived in Darwin and were fully into the alcoholic lifestyle the town supports. Along with this lifestyle for us came a close relationship, so to speak, with the local constabulary. There was, as there always is, one particular Conastable who took a dislike to us constantly being reported for loud drinking sessions and making fun of his accent when he arrived.
    So one afternoon he forced his way into our back yard without a warrant and, of course found the six knee high, taxed too the max plants I had growing there. Upon calling for back-up he found about 27 seedlings around one and a half inches tall. My wife had two taller plants, around chest high and just coming into head, which he pulled just as the troops arrived.
    My wife, God bless her, was having none of this. Just then, as I was about to turn and try to stop the explosion coming from her that was sure to follow, the copper's mobile phone rang. This police officer, who stood head and shoulders over my wife and was armed to the teeth, made the silly mistake of answering his phone and taking his eyes off the Mrs.
    She's not one to miss an opportunity and this was a biggie. Quick as a flash, she snatched the two big plants from this copper who looked as though he'd ben slapped around the head with a rather large cold fish, and she was gone, over the back fence.
    I ened up in the Supreme Court in Darwin on commercial supply and cultivation charges about 5 months later. I sat there in the dock, LIKE A CRIMINAL, as the "facts" were read out. I managed to stifle the chuckle as the version read out did not match what happened to me on the day in question, but I could not keep the smirk from my face. I was frankly amused at the way the prosecutor, and indeed my arresting officer left out details of the 2 marijuana plants my wife took off him and fled the premises with.
    I was found not guilty of commercial supply but guilty of cultivation for personal use.
    The penalty, ten minutes in the foyer of the Supreme Court of Darwin while they typed out some paper for me to sign.
    The best and funniest bit of this story? Well I had a home made, out door hydroponic setup on the roof that had just sprouted when I was busted and came to head at Court time, I was so completely stoned in Court on the drugs they missed, and we'd been smoking the two plants wife refused to let them steal in the mean time...
    I wish they all ended this well...
  2. I'm glad it ended well, in a way, and I think thats great that your wife took off with the plants. BTW...Wlecome to The City! May good karma, good friends, and great grows come your way.
  3. :::Chuckle:::: Good story!! Congrads on your wife for standing up to the copper. And I to have to say welcome to the City!! Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, light a bowl, and stay awhile!! Nice to meet ya....
  4. damn aussie potheads,lol.[​IMG]
  5. lol good story! nice move by the misses! ~~~~:) welcome to the city!

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