Legal in Canada tomorrow? :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by doyoulikegreen, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I don't see this passing, but it should get a bunch of air time on local news wich is always good to get people talking about the subject.
  2. I'm seeing more and more pro marijuana on the news lately, it's going to happen soon :D
  3. lol will this actually do anything?
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    haha jks, I love Canada...hope it's legal there sometime soon because I want to move there one day
  5. No. If anything passes it'll instantly be appealed by the federal government.
  6. Just decriminalize the shit, I do not want the government putting additives in my Mary Jane.
  7. ^How many times does this have to be explained before people realize that the government is not going to put additives in weed? If it's legal grow your own.

  8. The government will do this.

    To avoid consuming, you'd have to grow.
  9. Just to remind everyone, as with everything there will be Organic weed that won't have additives. so calm down, I'd rather give my money to the government so they can use it for schools and other stuff. than give it to sketchy dudes in a back ally (exaggerating of course but you understand)
  10. Yeah even if it does pass, something would prevent it
  11. How did the judge rule?
  12. Or buy from someone who grows...

  13. That's a possibility but why would you do that if you could get it for free and no one will bitch at you for doing it? Of course it takes work and you have to buy the supplies but in the end it would be much cheaper than buying from a dealer and what's a little work if it means you get a shitload of weed from it?

  14. He ruled that Canadians do not have the religious right/freedom to consume cannabis.
  15. I get what you're saying but that guy made it sound like our only options after legalization are growing and buying government weed with "additives".

    Just tryna point out that post-legalization weed won't be government grown or have additives because there'd be no point, even people who didn't want to grow their own would just buy from people who did.

  16. How the Fuck could that possibly have been his ruling? It is so open and shut its ridiculous. Cannabis has been holy to every major religion at some point in history.

    You don't even have to start a new religion for cannabis to be a part of it.

    I am ready for violence!

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