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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Blue Sheep, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. I'm 18 and i got a marijuana permit but it says too grow pot legally I need to be 21. but then on a different website it says i can be 18 and be a caregiver? huh?
    can anyone send me a link to the current cultivation status of marijuana in the state of California? thanks and please.
  2. I doubt you "got" a marijuana permit. hahaha i laugh at you

  3. sorry i meant a medical permit or w.e the card that costs you 180$ to go into a dispensary and buy up to 8 ounces and that allows me to own 6 mature plants and 12 immature ( or is that only one or the other?)

    sorry just asking cause I want to be a caregiver and ive read caregivers can work with 4 other patients so for me to be a caregiver is this card all i need? or do i need to sign other paperwork?
  4. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be 21 because I'm only 18 too and have my mmj rec and my doc said I can grow and never mentioned tanything about having to be 21.

  5. oh ok cool

    ya the card said i can yield up to 8 ounces on me at a giving time but says nothing about cultivation then i looked on google and it said 21

    but cool thanks everyone ^_^

  6. Ha ha, I doubt you have any idea what you're talking about. :rolleyes:

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