Legal Implications in Canada

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  1. Hey, I've done quite a bit of googling but what is the most common punishment for cultivating a few plants in Canada. Any info would be great.
  2. i would also like to know
  3. you dont want to know what the common punishment is, you want to know what the most severe punishment is.

    Always assume that if you get caught you will get the maximum. Can you deal with that? if so, proceed to step two. So once they plead it down you are sitting much better than you expected.
  4. Well you whatever I just want something. A ballpark figure. Anyone?
  5. i have been caught once. all they did was chop them up in front of me, bag em and throw them in their trunk.

    a good friend of mines dad has been busted 3 times with fairly huge grow ops.
    as long as you get a good lawyer you will get off scott free with a warning.
    canadas laws are pretty cool when you not within 300M of a school. :smoking:
  6. it all depends on who you are
    where you came from
    what you do for a living
    and whatever else is on your record that you 'could' be doing but are not.
    feel me G?
  7. nice, how many plants did you have?
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    there is a bill working its way through the house that will impose a minimum 6 months in jail for more than 5 plants. but with 80% of the population calling for it to be legal, this bill will fall with the government.

    the charge is clutivation for the purpose of trafficing. it carries from 3 months to 10 years depending on the size. the cops are not doing much about the small grower. he/she is likely to loose the grow and the setup and get probation if charged at all. even the cops say they have better things to if you want to get caught...just be stupid...otherwise no one is looking for you.

  9. Yeah I've read about that Bill. Thankfully the Cons don't have a majority and I have faith that the other parties aren't SO spineless that they would help Harper pass it thru.

    This was what kept coming up when I was searching, I kept finding about the upcoming bill, but nothing about the current situation!

    Anyways, thanks

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