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    Well, due to my legal issues, I am in need of a good, reliable, trustworthy, let alone good legal high website that sells legal highs :].

    Could somebody direct me somewhere through a message or something?

    I would greatly appreciate it - I am not having to much fun alone at my house.

    Also, what are some good products? I always hear good things about the spice products, or else I hear completely bad things about it.

    If there are some legal products to buy i.e. san padro cactus, DMT plants, that you can produce to be illegal, I'll allow you to post that aswell for I'm for experimenting :]. Just add a guide to it.


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  2. umm anywhere tht sells salvia.
    lol i only done it once 60 x first time cashed almost half a gram in a g bong hit and boy o boy was i fucked up
  3. I'm aware of salvia, Done it enough to realize I don't wish to do it again - to expensive. I was looking for more of an actual high feeling. Or even psychedelic highs.

    I don't want HBWS, Morning glory seeds, DXM, LSA, Salvia, nutmeg, dramamine, benadryl, or any other nonsense cheap OTC drug. A good strong, potent herb. :].

    Thanks for the reply though - I know you were only truing to help.
  4. Salvia's great if you're a psychedilic guy. Psychologicaly addicitve. Nasty taste.

    Kratom is for an opiate lover. It acts on your opiod receptors and creates a very strong opiate high. That said, it is addicted, also, it might show up as an opiate on your DT, not sure though.

    Morning Glory seeds work if you get orgainic, non-sprayed ones. Contains LSA, simmilar to LSD.

    Nitrous Oxide AKA lauhing gas, a really good, but really short lived downer. A box o 25 whippets costs like 10-20 bucks. High lasts a minute or so, but its intense.

    DMT isn't legal, but the things needed to make it are legal, and it can't be DT'd for. THe most intense psychedelic ever.
  5. Oh damn, didnt see that before:confused:

    Well nitrous still works. And dmt kinda....

    EDIT: YOu want psycedelics, Shrooms and Acid man.

    Also, MDMA is great.
  6. Reaserch chemicals are great. But I'm not going to link to any sites sorry.
  7. Oh dude, please!!!!!! I have always wanted to try some good ones. :]
  8. I might try some whip-its.

    Got any easy guides on how to make DMT - you know, for knowledgeable purposes only?..

    Shrooms and acid are hard to come by here, but I shall have shrooms every now and again. Acids almost impossible for me. But I am meeting new people so who knows.
  9. Plus those drugs aren't exactly legal
  10. DMT, LSD, and shrooms are fine by my book haha. If I found a good guide for DMT that's easy, and a good place to buy the product. I would probably try it.
  11. this.
  12. Hard to find for me, illegal, and rether just find a relaxing herb or psychedelic herb. Anyone know how to extract San Padro cactus?
  13. MDMA is actually a psychedelic (not a herb, obviously).

    And you just eat San Pedro (i think:confused:)
  14. i'm so confused, everyone is listing illegal shit while he was asking for legal stuff and what the hell kind of herb can you get high from legally?
  15. I editing the OP.
  16. Sorry bro, if you're looking for potent, legal is not your aim. Illegal or dissapoint, gg.
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    Well first thought would be synthetic THC, you can buy synthetic THC in small doses mixed in with other herbs. Zohai RX, Zohai MX, Spice Gold, Spice Diamond, Chillin XXX...etc.

    Which... Can be rather expensive! You could buy the synthetic THC alone (JWH-018) as a research chemical, dosage keep in mind it would probably be in the MICROGRAMS, overdose with research chemicals is not hard, get a scale.

    You could also do light doses of 2c-e or 2c-i, if you are just looking for a HIGH and not a trip. (Because most people use 2c's for acid like trips) Again, dosage you can look up on erowid to determine what's best for you.

    I also read a very interesting book recently listing legal highs. Mind you, some of these could be potentially deadly so you might really want to read up.. Here is the link to the PDF. Gottlieb - Legal Highs.pdf

    Ketamine, kratom, morning glory seeds, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, psychedelic cactus (san pedro, peruvian torch..etc.) ..etc. etc. etc. So much legal potent entheogens as well as research chemicals I can't sit here and list them all.

    Sorry, not doing any links though.
  18. its been mentioned earlier in the thread, but if you like opiates of any kind, you just might like kratom. i was skeptical just because it was legal, but damn that stuff is as close to an opiate high you can get legally. Really, really relaxing. Got mine on ebay, relatively cheap too.
  19. London Underground Doves

    Legal ecstasy, marketed as "plant feeder". One or two Doves gets you as mashed as three or four Es . . .
  20. Just coming down off the london underground summer daze... took 2 spaced out between about an hour... took about 3 hours to come up but man it felt good, very mild mdma like feeling very warm and fuzzy :) I definitly recommend

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