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Legal highs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reefercakes, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hey I was wondering hows the Grasscity shop for legal highs.....I have never tried most of the crap on there except for salvia. Is it worth looking into? How are the effects compared to weed? How much do you gotta smoke to get the same feeling as you will with marijuana?

  2. Was wondering the same thing recently, let me give you what I concluded from my research:

    There was ONE legal high worth getting : Spice Gold. Unfortunately, shipments of it was outlawed in the USA recently, so you can't get it unless you live in UK.

    So the bottom line is: Go get some illegal herb and toke up. :D

  3. Alright man, thanks for the help. I'm dry now getting a 1/2 oz on tues :rolleyes:
  4. A 1/2 ounce..damn..I'm looking to pick up an 1/8th soon. I was going to get the Spice Gold, but since they made that impossible I gotta get some MJ. I gotta build a connect though..
  5. How much do you pay for a ounce where ever you are?

  6. A whole ounce? I wouldn't buy that much..thats cutting too close to the 30g limit for intent.

    But I'd imagine it'd go for about $300.
  7. Ya j/w price wise goes for about that much for haze paying 125 though for my half
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    Just get some chamomile herb tea and smoke a bowl or two of it and let me know how you feel. I drink it often, it gives a calming mildly euphoric feeling. If you smoke it, it's much faster and stronger, pretty similar to a weed buzz. Or drink it, use 2 bags for one boiled cup letting it steep till cooled off enough to drink it in within 15 minutes and you'll be feeling good and relaxed.:D

    Or get some other tea mixture called Dreamland herbal tea or Good Night tea, it's got chamomile and passion flower in it. Passion flower is a sedative that gives you a mellow-cloudy headed-euphoric feeling. You can get chamomile tea and stuff at any store. read the eurowid reports on them.

    Salvia is nothing compared, it's a hallucinogen and lower doses just make you feel drunk.

    Never tried spice but its supposed to be similer to indica weed. If you dont wana pay a shitload for it and have a health food store nearby that sells bulk, just buy the ingredients there. list and effects:
  9. Alright man thanks for the help ill try it and get back to you sometime, what about nutmeg? lol you can eat about 2-3 tablespoons and be high i guess?
  10. Heard nothing but shit from nutmeg, it gets you high, but it's not a fun one, lasts hours, and there a hangover worse then alcohol for days after.

    Try catnip as well. lol Just look at the erowid reports, couple bowls gives you a buzz similar to weed.
  11. Nutmeg can also be very dangerous. The line between a dose that gets you high and a dose that will land you in the ER is very thin.
  12. lol You will be sick.
  13. yeah i wouldnt fuck with nutmeg i heard it tastes horrible when u burn it
  14. I just bought a half ounce. It's so empowering! I can smoke wherever and however much I want for weeks. Its great. Especially since I'm relatively new to smoking, and a half bowl gives me a nice buzz while walking my dog.
  15. nutmeg: bullshit, you will be sick and it's actually a poison, that's what causes your brain to spaz out
    spice diamond: better than shit weed but gives you a sort of lethargic hangover the next day.
    purple ohms: i don't know if you can get these in the states but they're legal in the UK, I took seven at once and it was far, far, far more intense visually and mentally than any of my mushroom trips. seriously I shit you not. The main ingredient is Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds
    Morning glory seeds: yep, these will work too, seriously you can trip balls.
    san pedro cactus: again, dunno if it's legal in the US but it is over here in Scotland, I have never had success with this, i tried quite a large dose and thought I was completely unaffected until cigarettes started leaving solid red lines in the air that lasted for about 4 minutes, the fucked up thing about this was that A. they were 3D as in you could walk around them and make pictures and stuff B. they stayed floating in the air for about 4 minutes C. this was literally the only effect this cactus had, if i hadn't lit a cigarette I would never have noticed anything off the baseline.

  16. One? Spice Diamond, Zohai MX, Zohai RX, Chillen XXX. Smoke, Yucatan Fire, Ex-Ses Platinum.
    And there is websites based in the USA to get some of these blends, a little bit harder to find.
  17. exces platinum sucks balls, it's harsh as fuck and tastes like smoking perfume. if you're going down the legal smoking blend route then it's widely acknowledged that spice diamond is the king.
  18. havent tried to many legal highs but ive smoked salvia about 3 times, each time not really enjoying it, but ile tell ya, 40x is a fucking trip and a half. I watched all my friends smoke 40x and 60x, each and every time they ended up on the floor not having a clue what was going on.

    I remember smoking it for the first time, convinced it wasn't going to have an effect on me, man was i wrong.

  19. None of those others have recieved the same online consensus as being a good "MJ like high" as Spice Gold had.
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    Kava Kava, you can get kava tea, capsels, or tinctures, and sounds like it gives you an actual good high "mildly talkative and euphoric behavior; anxiolytic (calming) effects, sense of well-being, clear thinking; and relaxed muscles." Tomorrow Im gona see if walmart has this. :cool:

    Kratom I think its like an opiod.

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