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Discussion in 'General' started by Shadow_Song40, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. What are some good legal high recipes that actually work?
  3. Yah i heard all legal is shit.

  4. hahahahahaha dont be stupid man.. do a gram of dxm stacked with lsa and salvia extract and tell me that.

    ..after youre done shitting your pants, that is
  5. i am talking about the herbs man
  6. yeah i agree that all the herb mixes and fake buds are a waste of money.. there are tons of other 'legal highs' though.

    shadow, tell me what kind of effects you want and ill recommend something
  7. yeah i wanna know some legal highs, where u see things blurry and slow.
  8. The effects i want? Well something similar to weed...
  9. How bout Ephedrine Sulphate? Salvia Divornum?
  10. A good alternative-and I don't know how legal this is but its the best I can offer-is if you can get a hold of painkillers like percocet,vicodan,darvocet,codeine something like that and drink some alcohol with it. Not alot to begin with-you have to be careful. Or you can try a stimulant or a tranquilizer. Ephedrine you can get over the counter and it is very similiar to speed. I have a hard time getting weed so there you go.
  11. okay, first salvia divinorum isnt even an option if youre only looking for a buzz, and will be illegal soon

    painkillers + alchohol can kill you easily.. besides, most pills are just as illegal and addictive as any other hard drug. and ephedrine is just fucking horrible for you..

    you could maybe look into wild dagga if booze doesnt do the trick.. its a plant with weed-like effects that i hear is/was used in africa a lot.. you might want to do some research on it first though, because i dont really know shit about it.. poppy tea is another option if you can find yourself a bunch of dried poppy pods.. its basically a legal, milder opium trip.. crush the pods and let the tea brew for an hour
  12. Try Valarian, it's got the same effect as Valium. I took 3 Valarian, & passes the fuck out. Got up a few hours later to take a piss, blacked out, busted the glass out of the med cabinet. AND I DIDN'T FEEL SHIT!!!
  13. i think all are a waste of time, my friend ordered some legal herbs, none worked. however, he tried these pills called red bliss, and it actually did give off some stoned/rolled feeling. i didnt believe him but i ended up trying em and it does work. however, each time we tried it, the effects wore off. it was strange...


  14. um...thats not what you do with pods...if you did that it would definately not do anything...and also you don't trip off of's just like being sober, except your imagination and speech are much enhanced, but besides that it doesn't fuck you up in any way (it could maybe make you tired).
    Here's a slit pod! yay!


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  15. Nutmeg works but only if you have a day or two to devote to absolutely nothing.. not to mention its horrible for your liver. If you do it get the whole nutmegs and grind some up. Take 2-3 teaspoons right away in the morning and be prepared for a load of nothing. I wouldn't do it though, its a waste of time and your liver.

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