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legal highs on GS

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tweak54321, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. has any one gotten the legal highs from GC, how many come in one package and which ones are the best
  2. Legal Highs Suck,The only one that I've heard good reviews on is Spice Gold
  3. Salvia divinorum is the only one that gives good effects. Its a legal(for now) hallucinogenic. Its extremly intense so if you've never tripped before, dont buy it.
  4. buy some salvia 20x extract and have a ball.

  5. Fuck that shit

    Salvia is no where NEAR weed...the stuff is ok I guess but deffinatly not a substitute for the ganja

    I dont KNOW of anything that is a good substitute but Spice Gold is the only one ive heard anything good about so if I personally was lookin for a replacement thats the only one id actually order :)
  6. one thing about that spice gold that has me wondering is the fact that it takes 1-3 hours to kick in, anything inhaled should kick in within a matter of minutes from my experience.
  7. I had some homegrown salvia at the Rainbow Gathering. I tripped my fucking balls off on a quarter of a bowl. That shit blew my mind, I've tripped a good 90-100 times on everything from mushies, acid, DMT, and nothing was that intense.
    It's disturbing to think that is legal, and good 'ol mj gets the shaft.
  8. mixing spice gold with weed is good
  9. what the fuck is spiced gold and what are the effects? is it acctually potent by itself? and is it anything like salvia cus FUCK that stuff.
  10. From what I've read:

    It produces effects similar to thc. Supposedly, it kicks in a little later and the high lasts a lot longer. I hear it's more uppity.
  11. there are plenty of good legal highs out there, but most have mild effects. ie. lions tail, lettuce opium, california poppy, valerian, etc.
  12. i heard that stuff makes you puke
  13. This is the only legal high that i can think of that some people like. I'll teach you the good method of doign this. First you need nutmeg. Don't do more than 30 Grams. Use peanutbutter or Apple Sauce. Take like 2-3 during your nutmeg session shots because alchohal asorbs into your system faster. It may take 6 hours to take effect. then you feel like shit for the next day. and feel like crap sometimes. But thats a legal high.
  14. I never heard of spice gold before. Does it just give you a little buzz or can you get high off it?
  15. i cant find anysite that ship out spice gold to america. if i wanted to find that where would i start to look...
  16. Kratom is a legal high that actually works too. I believe you make it into a tea. I've heard it gives you a uppity feeling followed by a sedated feeling but your mind is still very clear.

    Edit: I was thinking of Kava Kava actually although Kratom does reportedly work. Kava Kava is like a strong caffeine. Its usually made into tea also and causes talkativeness, euphoria and a general uppity feeling.

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