Legal Highs from Grasscity?

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  1. Hey sorry if I sound like a retard, I don't know so i'm asking. So grass city has a section for legal highs (Legal Highs) Shit thats long. But yeah are they actually legal in the US and is it legal to ship to the US? I know Salvia's legal, but I don't know about the other stuff. And how high does it actually get you? Ive done salvia many times I like it but what about the other stuff? Thanks
  2. bump for knowledge. i'd like to know how potent the legal highs they sell are as well.
  3. No but seriously, the grass city legal highs, especially those pre rolled things. Anyone with any xp?
  4. Come on theres gotta be somebody that knows about their legal highs?

  5. Most of the prerolled shit is mild, calm you down, chills you out, maybe some floatyness.
  6. JWH-018

    It's for your "Bonsai tree" but it'll get you to the moon all the same. It's the "secret ingredient" that a German laboratory discovered in Spice Gold/Diamond/etc.

    There's some info on it.
  7. Among other things, it been said that HU-210 and CP 47,947 have been found in spice as well.

  8. if it's legal to ship to the US, you can add it to your basket, if not ,your order will be rejected, if depends on product to product, most of the products state to where we ship and where we do not ship

  9. I was looking at some of the stuff myself. I know a little bit about some of it, but not much. Anyone here have some reviews on the stuff?
  10. We defiantly need some more people to give us reviews on those products. The description doesn't seem to do much justice.
  11. ok there is much better sites to purchase from apologies to GC but its the point in if u want to smoke something with similar effects to weed then your best bet is to go with the 'spice' range, iv tried the original,gold,diamond,tropical synergy...bsically the original is weak its pretty pointless gettin, if u enjoy a good proper whack then i recommend starting with spice gold or diamond... these WILL get u high i hate the sceptics that immediatley put these products down without having tried them, many times my town has been dry only for grit weed or soapbar hash..i would much rather buy a bag of spice then smoke cotaminated marijuana.
    also here in ireland they sell a product called 'smoke' this stuff looks rotten (loads of dark black green coloured herby bits) and smells like cloves.. but my god this stuff gets u ridiculously high.. bought a gram for like €12 in a headshop..smoked .5 in ajoint between my buddy and we were both whacked..had to walk back to college and my head felt like a balloon in a nice breeze, such a smily giggly high, great to smoke then walk out in public your gaurunteed to laugh for no reason. only negative about the 'smoke' is that after smoking it for 2-4 hours(without much of a break) the effects arent as noticeable as they would have been first time around..also a the tired slightly cloudy headed come down is evident. just so ye know we smoked the 'smoke' in joints but i have heard it is MUCH MUCH better in a bong..and the same goes for the 'spice' range. best thing to do is take a nice big rip and hold it in for about 3-6 seconds.....then try and tell me that legal highs dont work ;)

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