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Legal Herbs available at a supermarket

Discussion in 'General' started by jake311, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. I have been doing research into many different types of herbs and what not and have found many different ones which I may like to try out. I was wondering if anyone knows what herbs can be bought at a regular grocery store that will produce a "high" or other effects. I am have not yet checked out any stores to look for any herbs because I am not sure if a reguklar store would carry anything that could potentially be used for its mind altering effects. Anyone know what herbs can be found a simple supermarket and what their effects would be?
  2. Im not sure if this is a really, really dumb post or not. Think it is.
  3. Yeah you should try out oregano bro it fucks you up
  4. :rolleyes:


    Anyway, as some people said above check out erowid, there is lots if info on that sight if you sift through it you can find out some pretty awesome shit.

    Also check out this thread,


    I don't really know anything about herbs, but that thread has some idea's in it.

  5. Don't do that man, it's a bad idea. I tried it a while back, and it tasted like deepfried assholes on warm rye bread and made me feel like I had the flu for the next three days.
  6. My friend who tried it said the same thing ..

  7. Probably because he ripped it from me when I said it a few months ago haha. Except that I said hickory smoked instead of deepfried. Either way, it tasted terrible and it's not something I am likely to try again anytime soon.
  8. You should definately REALLY think about what your asking. Ok, seriously??? hahahahaaahah!

    Oh ok. While not an herb, DXM will fuck your shit up. U can buy it at most grocery stores and gas stations and drug stores. Oh and snort ground cinnamon, it burns a little but the effects are similar to acid and opium combined. A good starting dose would probably be .3mg. Be careful not to od... Oh yeah and


  9. DXM
    Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds(if your supermarket has a good florist shop)
    Even peanut skins

    Like said before, nutmeg feels like ass.
    The banana and the peanut skins trick cant be incredibly potent(can it?)
    However, DXM or the seeds will make you trip quite nicely.
  10. spice gold. spicegold420.com

    it gets you high like you smoked some honey flavored midis. keeps you high for a while. :D

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