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Legal Hallucinogens questions

Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, May 25, 2004.

  1. Alright, I found this website that produces legal hallucinogens. I am interested in ording some. But, i need some information first. Ok, here it goes.
    This website provides shrooms in a pill. It contains 6mg of 100% pure Psilocybin powder in a pill. I live in the US, and shrooms are illegal here. How can they sell the main ingredient in shrooms that causes you to trip, legally? It says that it is pure, and is completely 100% Psilocybin. I'm not sure why they would false advertise if it wasn't the real thing. So here's my question. If i order this shit, is it going to be 100% psilocybin, or some synthetic shit being adveritsed as the real deal? Another question, will it produce a trip generally close to eating real mushrooms?
    Alright, enough with the shroom questions and on to 5-meo-amt. They have a pill called "illusion", and it contains 4mg of 5-meo-amt. Now, i've been reading about this stuff on erowid, and it seems pretty fun. I'm just not sure if I like the idea of doing a research chemical. I've read that it produces similar effects to lsd (which by the way happens to be my favorite drug of all time), and produces colorful and intense hallucinations. My question here is, what would you get? The psilocybin pills, or the 5-meo-amt? I am not looking for an extremely intense, full blown, not knowing what's going on- type of trip, which seems to me like what the 5-meo-amt (but it only contains 4mg per pill, so it might not be all that intense if I just take one pill). I am looking for more of a relaxing/being at peace with yourself/mild hallucinations like breathing walls, kaleidoscope (sp?) patterns type of trip, which seems to me like what the shrooms would produce. Alright, I know there is a lot written here, but I'm just very interested in trying these, and I want to make sure I'm going to be satisfied with it and not going to get ripped off. ANY information would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I know that some people may say something like “fuck the pills, just go get some real shrooms, or acid” Well, shrooms are VERY hard to find in my area, and I'm looking for an alternative because I really have been wanting to try shrooms for quite some time now. Acid, eh, well it comes and goes. Sometimes I can get it easily, and other times it's hard as fuck. I've done my experimentation with acid, and I'm looking to try something different, that produces similar effects like it. So please, information only on the questions above would be nice. Thanks.
  2. I don't remember the exact details, but I'm pretty sure it is illegal to sell psilocybin in the US, because it's an analogue or something. Don't quote me on that...
    What is the site you are looking at? Maybe someone on here will be able to shed light on this company's credibility.
  3. legalhighs.org
  4. I thought the DEA has psilocybin listed as a schedule 1 drug? That site seems a bit shady to me.

    edit: they have some good prices on salvia. hmm...;)
  5. Ya, I'm pretty sure psilocybin is illegal. So, if they check your package and find it, you could possibly get in shit. Im a little skeptical of "Legal Alternatives" though, so I doubt youre really getting pure psilocybin.
  6. haha aight, well i checked out the website again, and i missed something. It says that it is synthetic psilcybin... but they say the effects are pretty much the same. How can something synthetic be the same as something natural? I doubt it can. Anyways, what would you guys do, but the synthetic shrooms, or 5-meo-amt. I'm thinking the 5-meo-amt might be cool. Anyone have any experience with it that they would like to share? what are the positive and negative parts of your trip?
  7. dude just buy soem shrooms man and trip those, or if you cant get them then get DXM or coriseeden or dramamiene

  8. don't you wanna slap him?

  9. Moron, you don't ever DXM trip on Corisidines.
  10. Just buy the shroom pills and tell us how it goes so we will all know if they are worth it or not :)
  11. There should be no difference at all between "natural" and "synthetic" psilocybin if it is in fact, the same molecule. I wouldnt trust that shit man, just get the 5meo amt. I never tried it buy Ive read some trip reports on erowid, sounds like some fun shit.

    For legal drugs I recommend salvia and DXM.
  12. Yeah, i dunno. I've done dxm before, i don't really like it that much. And, i know not to take coricidin. I know all that shit. I dunno, i'm trying to get some real shrooms, they're starting to come around my area now. Either that, or i'll just get some acid. :)

  13. Theres your proof right there. haha, I knew there was no way it could be real psilocybin. And definetly pick up shrooms whenever you have a chance, they are the best drug ever.

    By the way, how much DXM did you take? Depending on how much you take, its like a totally different experience. For me, low(200-300mg) doses dont do too much, kinda makes me hyper, while on high doses(500+) I dont move around too much and totally trip out.
  14. psilocybin is illegal, in fact it is in schedule One, the most repressed schedule, and if you get cought with them and a sufficent amount is cought, its the same charge as manslaughter. My uncle in colorado told me actually a few days ago a local kid got cought with some and put on 20,000$ bail.
  15. Yo, I was just reading some trip reposts on erowid.org with that synthetic psilocybin shit. Sounds like you can still trip on it, not the same as real shrooms, but order it man, it should work.

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