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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by akgreenteam, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. SOOOOO TIGHT. We get to try and make weed not illegal for 21 year olds and older. We got to vote for it the last two years but it didn't pass. Last year was really close though. See all that is why Alaska is so tight. I hope it passes this year so anyone in Alaska on this board make sure to vote for it when the time comes. If it passes it will be o.k to have small amounts of weed on your person. It will still be looked down upon as always by the popo but fuck them anyways.You won't be aloud to have a bunch of weed all bagged up though because it would be "intent on selling" and you will get in trouble. Has it been up for vote in your state???
  2. You cant sell the weed, but you can smoke it/have it?

    So, you actually cant even legally get weed, just legally have it, right?
  3. i think the main reason for cannabis being illeagle (SP) is they cant tax it. they wouldnt be able to keep track of whos growing it , and they dont want people making money like that, unless they can tax it!
  4. Well The vote is to decriminalize people in posession. they know it will always be grown and sold and theres nothing they can do about that. They also know that we will always smoke weed so the vote is really for the user's(people who smoke and aren't trying to distribute). And your right on they can't tax it and make a buck off it so they make it illegal...Fuckers
  5. Taxing wouldnt be the problem the government just makes more money from it being illegal than they would if they taxed it among other things...
  6. Why couldn't they tax it? If it was legal, and readily sold at stores like tobacco is then there would be much less incentive for people to grow their own. There would basically only be commercial growers, which would be taxed, and then a relatively small group of people who would grow as a hobby or for personal reasons. Same with tobacco. Nothing is stopping anybody from growing their own tobacco and selling it to friends, but most people would rather just buy it instead of going through the trouble. Keeping it illegal just keeps the black market going strong.
  7. I agree. right on smacked me in the face.....
  8. For me this law doesn't really change anything, except getting busted for it, and being able to grow without wishing your neighbours couldn't smell the growth in your basement.

    We'll see I guess.

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