Legal Eyes' "In Through the Outdoor" grow

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  1. Hello grasscity welcome to my grow i have been a lurker here for ages and have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge from these forums and would just like to put it to good use so here goes.. btw this is a belated grow so it is from about a month back and will start from updates then and work forward.. giving me time to reestablish what i have going.. i had a close call with prison so i had to abort but will be back up and running before my updates run out.. sooo heres to a succesful growuing season for all
    (the title is in reference to a led zeppelin cd beacuse my grow is started indoor but is inevitably an outdoor crop..):wave:

  2. lot of nice seeds what soil u use, or are you doin hydro
  3. grips of nice seeds!
  4. my setup is a 4 bulb fluorescent tube fixture with daylight 6500k bulbs for veg, and my soil is a mix of 3 parts ffof , 1 part vermic, and 1 part perlite.. my nutes are foxfarm grow big and tiger bloom.. i should have more pics up tonight of the actual plants ,just wanted to start off proper with my genetic lineup:wave: thanks for stopping by man
  5. Nice picks on your genetics.........good luck on your grow.
  6. thanks man :wave:
  7. Hey man they look good but you really need to put the lights closer cuz their stretchin far brother. Peace out
  8. thanks man, i like to sit them a little lower when theyre seedlings and then move them up because ive found that whats not too close for a plant in veg can be too close for a seedling and thats actually the reason i do that now.. i burnt up a batch of 15 seeds because they were too close and i will never make that mistake again lol;)
    but i appreciate your input man all is welcome, i tend to keep them about 4 inches from the tubes and 6 when starting seedlings
  9. those are some good lookin' plants man! I'm lookin forward to seeing how they turn out!
  10. THANKS:wave::smoking:
  11. Hey Legal Eyes; just been checking out your thread. nice; pulling up my chair.
  12. hey man how many plants do you plan on growin in that container, in my opinion you should grow one per container
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    I was going to ask the same question. You didn't put all those awesome seeds into one container I hope? Unless you plan to use it for hemp to make bags and bracelets out of them, I suggest 1 plant per pot.

    -Edit- Ah, peat pots... Hahahaha:):) That photo really looks like one pot with a bunch of sprouts in it!! Ok, you're good!! I'm glad I looked at it again!:)
  14. yeah man they were some nice seeds man prolly a good bit of money, you wanna grow those babies in seperate pots but i think its too late now
  15. Eddie, look closer at the pic! They are all in individual peat pots. It's like an optical illusion or something. It looked like one pot to me too, but he's good.
  16. o ok yeah i see them
  17. you should have transplanted them already
  18. Stretching badly. Bury them deeper and get the light closer right now, or this grow will be over real soon.
  19. thanks man updates tonight

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