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Legal, Cheap, CFL Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Crazyk, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. This isn't anything serious, purely for shits and giggles. I wanted to try a cheap, and I mean cheap, cfl grow. I found 2, 2 drawer file cabinets in a dumpster and ripped the guts out of them and stacked them on top of each other for more vertical space. I found some powerstrips lying around and we've had an assortment of various wattage and color spectrum CFL bulbs lying around too. I dug out an old powersupply and some fans from an old computer lying around. So far my setup has cost me nothing but time! I went to the hardware store and bought me some plug in adapters and "Y" adapters as well as some velcro for $8. I bought a clone, supposedly, G13, but I doubt it, for $15. I had a 3 gallon bucket laying around as well as some potting soil, unopened, in a bag. Right now it's sitting under 3x42 watts, 2x14 watts, and 1x26 watts, all 2100k ...Comments and advice are always welcomed..I started this on March 29 and started flowering it on April 20. Here's some attached pics from start until now... So far I've only spent $23. Even though this plant is problematic, I will see this through until the end...

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  2. nice little setup you've got going there. It's always a lot more stress free, and a better learning experience imo, when it's just for fun : ). Oh, and I've read that mirrors will absorb a lot of light, so you might consider removing it. good luck!
  3. Yeah brother, that's gone, wanted to see if it made a difference and all it did was raise my temps so out it wife was pleased with that decision since it was and learn:rolleyes:
  4. So I just took this before the lights go out for the 12 hour dark cycle...looking good to me.....:D

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  5. Nothing new to report...just bushy as hell with new growth all the time.... some sure fire signs of bud would be nice...:rolleyes:

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