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Legal Bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, May 13, 2003.

  1. while flipping through my High Times magazine i noticed a large advertisment for legal bud. where they send you sometime of shit that looks like actual buds. Does that 'real' stuff actually get you high? It says that isnt weed, but what is it then?
  2. ive tried a couple varieties... salvia, wacky weed (which has real buds), etc... didn't do anything for me... just gave me a headache.. and it is real harsh to smoke... so basically it served no purpose... i get higher from a cigarette... but other people say they "swear" it does shit... so who knows...
  3. haha what i would do is sell it and tell people its bud and then it might work to get them a little high
  4. don't bother with that shit man. it's overpriced and doesn't do anything. your better off smoking bad weed than that.

  5. thats no substitute for weed man, salvia is its own little thing. from what ive heard, its a completely different experience, more on the psychadelic side. not everyone can get off on it though, you have to "break through" and only then can you trip balls off salvia :)

  6. my friend ordered like 5 different kinds of that shit... only one did anything... and fuck if i can remeber what it was called, but all it really did was intesnify your high from pot
  7. wow, i didnt know you can trip off of salvia.. and i just orderd like 1 ounce of that shit for me and my dad to smoke... haha were gonna be trippin together!

  8. you should order some extract... the the best wqay to smoke if you really wanna get looped...

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