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  1. Hey all im posting here cause im concerned for my lil bro. recently the idiot got arrested for having a pipe in his car along with a shitload of stolen stuff. He had a stolen Credit card and some car audio stuff (sounded expensive). He hasent gotten his papers yet but hes also under investigation (2 detective knocked on our door one day to take his fingerprints and DNA). I was wondering if hes gunna get into any serious trouble here. Weve already gotten him a good lawyer and hes doing voluntary UAs and is doing some drug counsiling thing along with a little community service. I was wondering since its his first time offense what kind of punishment he proly will go through. I told him hes prolly looking at some house arrest but im not sure.

    Any advice on what he might be dealing with or ways i could talk to him would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch city members:smoke:
  2. One thing I have learned from working in the legal field is never get involved in the system. There are so many variables that go into the court system from judges, lawyers, social workers, probation officers, police officers etc. Study the police reports which you probably have. You can usually get a good angle on how the DA will try to spin it in court. Also study any other reports that may be submitted into the case and have your brother keep doing comm. service or whatever. Since it is his first offense he may get off easy but nothing is for sure in court. What's your brother being charged with? If it's a felony what class? Does Kentucky have state sentencing minimums? These could be questions for your bro's lawyer. Good luck.
  3. im pretty sure my bro is getting charged with theft and prolly paraphernalia too the lawyers going wit the approach he stole it cause he needed it to buy his pot.
  4. Good nothing too serious like felonies. Hopefully they'll give him rehab since he was stealing for his use.
  5. Why do you have to drag weed down with this kid. Don't use the 'he stole it for his weed', that makes stoners look bad.
  6. hopefully hes a minor he would get far less punishment but probly alot of community service hours and probly fines, uhh my question to you is did the detectives have warrents to take his prints and dna? cuz if they didnt you should have simple said no.
  7. Not trying to bring down weed. Just a good argument in court to divert this kid from doing time.

  8. yeah, and that's fucked up because I smoke weed and I don't steal to smoke it and people that are too afraid to stand up for the cause and afraid of what the bitch of a system will do to them that they shame themselves to get a shorter amount of time until "freedom" again.

    If we never fight the fight, we will never be free.

    wow that's a pretty messy run on sentence. You guys figure it out.
  9. I have been thinking about what you said and I realized that yes, I don't know one single stoner who only uses pot, that steals or robs others in support of their MJ habit. I think you are right for not wanting to group crack head behavior with stoners. Thanks for the insight man.
  10. wasent our idea to go with that approach it was his lawyer's and yes those detectives did have a warrant
  11. Yeah, you have a good point. Lawyers are pretty much the smartest people IN TEH WORLD and their advice is non-negogiable and of the highest authority.
  12. so it sekely hell at least get diversion anyone have any idea how many months he will get
  13. i got a diversion of 3 months for misdemenor possesion, id guess 3-6 depending on the amount of comm. service they give him/has done

    but im im in a completely differnt state with different lawyers, judges and all other different variables

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