Leftover weed particles!?

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  1. Have you guys ever thought about how much weed in weight you would have if you collected every single last speck of weed that you just brush off onto the ground after packing a bowl? Think about it..
  2. Lol probably a lot. When you buy a QP you don't really think about the crumbs on the counter until you have your last gram left of that QP.
  3. I NEVER wasted any weed, ever. I am a huge cheap ass so i just didn't do it. That shit and the shake in the bags, and roaches went to emergency stashes, and broke out when someone wants to match bowls but has schwag
  4. Yeah but im talking like not ANYTHING leftover im talking miniscule amounts
  5. yeah always have back up supplies for when resources are low. i have a plate full of res i reluctantly break out and vape when i have no bud. got a roach spot too.

    i'd probably have quite a bit. even after chopping your weed with scissors there's always some crystals on your fingers just from touching it. and crystals touching the bag. little particles of weed all over when you bring the weed out lol but particles are small as fuck and would take like a thousand or something to even get a small toke probably.
  6. All the time man. Including all the weed I've dropped, left in roaches, etc. It would probably be close to 20g easily for me.
  7. I am too. The shit you leave on a table when you pack a bowl. I try to say all that instead of blowing it on the ground.
  8. I dont brush my weed on the floor...

    the fucks wrong with you...
  9. Lots of people i smoke with brush the left overs on the ground
  10. stick it in the bowl or back in the sack....

    I dont understand this at all...
  11. i agree
  12. Let me explain this in more depth. Im not talking like .1 on the table and just brush it off.. im talking about a much smaller amount. Maybe im wrong and this doesent apply to everyone but i always do this and ive just wondered over the years how much ive wasted.
  13. You brush your left over cannabis off your desk onto the ground? What the duck man what kind of sick human being are you? You don't brush that off your desk! You brush that into a second jar called your shake jar!
  14. Iknow what you mean. like a little leaf or something on your desk just flick it off. not even a .1 or toke or anything just a small leaf section. that shit would add up but not that much probably.

    I'd have an extra 4oz and 8.3grams if i saved my specs up instead of flicking them away.
  15. im really surprised at how many people dont do this. But hey if a shake jar floats your boat right on. I wouldnt go as far as calling a person who brushes 0.0001 gs on to the ground a sick human being though.
  16. Probably enough to get me high for a week at least haha...
    Somebody invent a weed magnet...seriously, you'll be a rich ass

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