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left weed in a small place what will happen

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ximaica, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. ok im just going to tell you the story i smoke alot so i carry around my pipe with me and i left my backpack in my locker at school and i left my pipe and a dime sack of like weed leaves not the bud but that weed skank leafe shit so what is going to happen to it its been there all summer so how bad will it stink and when i go to pick it up will the janitor smell it
  2. depends on what type of weed you smoke, but I wouldnt think so
  3. didn't you already do one of these somewhere else?

    i'll say the same thing again then. they'll be able to smell it, easily. it'll make the whole locker smell like weed. so when the janitor goes in there to clean it out for the next year he'll probably smell it, look in your backpack and then either rat you out or smoke it all and keep the bowl. you better hope that he smokes it though because otherwise you might get in trouble and maybe expelled.
  4. Hope you don't get expelled.

    Also, why is kkk one of this threads tags? lmao
  5. my school has drug sniffing dogs sometimes. last time they did it was 420 weekend which was annoying as hell.
  6. My school was never allowed to do this because apparently it infringes on the religious rights of muslims that believe that dogs are unclean animals and don't allow them in the workplace/home. Or something to that effect

  7. It will stink up your locker, the hallways, every classroom, and the principal's car. and depending on the quality of the bud, maybe even surrounding buildings.
  8. i keep half smoked joints around the house out in the open for weeks and they never get moldy...and i live in florida.
  9. im not sure his ocncern was with mold. it wont be bad dude. dont worry about it. just if you have other people like my girl uses my locker so i wouldnt leave it there cause she is an idot for one hhaha and two she would take it but jsut odnt leave it there if you have people use your shit.

    i dont mean my gf uses my gym locker hahahhahah regualr one.
  10. Maybe you can go and sneak it out. One time I had to use the restroom pretty bad in a city I had never been. The only thing around was an elementary school and I have never been there before. The door was unlocked and nobody was around so I used the bathroom and left. People were talking and stuff was happening but nobody really noticed.

    Anyways point being after that ridiculous story is that you can probably get it out before there is any trouble. If the janitor is there then tell them that you left your supply list in your locker and that you need it to get ready.

    Sorry that's the best I can do.

  11. lolz good find..all his tags are kinda weird actually

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