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Left the door open...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dest1, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Cook em breakfast

  2. so skip the son shit when u catch her solo when the times right ask if she wants to puff with you.. in a respectable way of course ;)
  3. Dude, it seems like you're making mountains out of molehills. She thought the cat was out, but it turned out it wasn't. No big deal. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, parents know that. All you cauld have/should have done was say "hey, sorry that we left the back door open. We'll make sure to check sometime".

    If she is really that pissed about a situation that didn't actually end up having any negative consequences, then that's her problem. A simple "whoops, sorry" should clear everything up.
  4. Yeah, I realized that after I got home and my emotions weren't fogging my judgement. Although, the next time I go over there I hope it isn't hella awkward :eek:
  5. Steal the door.

  6. That's a good idea. Thanks.
  7. [quote name='"Dest1"']

    Yeah, I realized that after I got home and my emotions weren't fogging my judgement. Although, the next time I go over there I hope it isn't hella awkward :eek:[/quote]

    I know how you feel, getting yelled at by someone elses parents is the most awkward situation but i've noticed the parents act like nothing happened or are really nice next time because they don't like awkward situations either.
  8. just dont do itt again.
  9. Roll her a joint and tell her to chill the fuck out? Cats really don't have to be locked up inside their whole life.. Dog's are one thing but cats can manage themselves more often then not.
  10. Go comfort her...serenade her with some poetry.

    Then have sex in her.
  11. Offer her to smoke with you.
  12. I was at a dealers house, not my dealer but one real motherfucker and current UCF fighter, well his pitt ran past me as I was going in, looked for it for hours. Scary shit. If we didn't find that dog I'd be dead. One man I'd never want to fuck with.

    If someone let out my indoor cat or let my dog loose I'd feel the same way. My ex did that once and I was fucking pissed.
  13. Limit your smoking next time enough to shut the door :p
  14. simply tell her you're sorry or write a sorry note in a card or something. if you feel like that's not enough buy her a cheap gift card maybe like $10 to starbucks or somethin. best of luck :smoke:
  15. By her a door closer. Problem solved.
  16. Next time your alone with his mom drop down in front of her and give her the best tounging she ever had, then blow a load in her for good measures.
  17. i'm confused. you said your friend left the door open. it's your friend's house. the cat didn't get away. she's okay with you guys smoking.

    where's the problem?
  18. his house, his fault. if im at my place i make sure all my shit is shut and locked.
  19. Usually when I'm at his house I'm the one who makes sure everything gets put away and that everything is back where it's supposed to be. But that night I had taken 4 huge bong rips in a row and I was at that point where I started feeling like I was falling forward and everything was, that night he had to make sure that everything was put away and obviously he isn't very good at that.

    It feels bad to get yelled at by a friend's parent that's usually a nice person. Plus, the awkwardness the next time I go over, lol.
  20. Update: Yeah, my buddy told me his mother just acted like the whole thing didn't happen. Lol...well, I'll hold off on smoking at his place for a little bit. Thanks everyone for your comments :wave:

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