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Left the door open...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dest1, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. #1 Dest1, Feb 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2012
    So last night I was at a friend's place smoking. We went to go get some Domino's and left out his backdoor. After getting back, my friend doesn't close the damn door...I get woken up this morning by his mom yelling at my friend and I, because she thought the cat had gotten out. After a few minutes, we find the cat walking out of a damn nowhere. His mom yells at us and tells us she knew we were smoking "pot" (this I'm not oblivious to as we left out some stuff before and she was ok with the idea of us using cannabis, as she used it a bit in college), however, she turns a blind eye whenever we do. Anyway she yells at us for etc and having responsibility and shit.

    So now im sitting here, feeling bad, and wondering what I should do (as a guest to their house)....

    Tl;dr: left door open last night, friends mom yelled at us, feelsbadman what do?
  2. Let the cat out for real.
  3. Buy her a microwave, chicks love microwaves.
  4. The world is your oyster don't worry.
  5. just be like thanks for the food and leave
  6. Maybe she thought since she was in the kitchen all day and the cat wasn't that something must be wrong =o
  7. i did the same thing but this was at my bros house. i just apologized and smoked him up after. just tell his mom you're sorry and will make sure it wont happen again
  8. You'll be ok man, she was probably more angry with your friend since he probably knows better. Parents generally understand that young people fuck up a lot.
  9. Funny responses.

    My friend said I should just leave now while she's out of the house probably blowing off some steam...I feel like I should apologize but he says he needs to talk to his mom in private. Shit...I like going over to his house because thats the only place I'm able to smoke as his mom was cool with it, now I'm not sure if I would ever get that privilege again :(
  10. Sweet Jebus relax its just a door..

  11. No. Its not. He let the fucking cat out. How dare he. :bongin:
  12. [quote name='"Jumbo"']

    No. Its not. He let the fucking cat out. How dare he. :bongin:[/quote]

    :D I'm sure the cat would've thanked him if he could...:)
  13. Apologize for leaving the door open. Not much else you can do.
  14. shouldn't have left the door open. if I had a pet that i cared about and someone left the door open I would be pretty pissed too, get over it.
  15. Haha, maybe I'm just overreacting considering I had no part in this door ordeal, I was just worried for my friend and now that I'm back at my house I can think straight. He's sorting things out with his mother and then the next time I'll see her I'll apologize even though I didn't do anything.
  16. You're friend left the door open. Just apologize that her son is a dumbass.

  17. Ahahaha, great answer. Next time I see her I'll say that :p
  18. pass the joint to your homeys mom....

    if you're lucky the next issue you have is explaining to the dude that you butt fucked his mom
  19. I always run that idea to him, not the butt fucking part but the smoking out his mom part haha. You know because since she's experienced with the herb she isn't like most people who just get angry and toss you into some bullshit rehab. He thinks it would never happen but you never know.
  20. quit being forgetful potheads and close the damn door! were you born in a barn??????????



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