Left popo in the dust!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sage of Salvia, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. it started off with a strugle to find some green ladies...

    i finally found a local guy on my block, so i rode my haro bike down the street to meet him

    he gave me some slack ass dyme bag, but i said fuck it i was dying to smoke

    so i rode to the store to get a cig.

    there was a cop at the store.:wave:

    i ride up, hes walking around the store, i walked in, got my swisser an left.

    i hauled ass to this graveyard across the street, into the dark i went, i saw him watching me by the way..

    so i ride to the middle, theres a lil building, so i used the lights of a near-by plant to bust the blunt open an start to roll, i noticed the cop ridin on the street:note: he couldnt see me.

    so he slows down an turns into the graveyard with his headlights out, then he turned on the spotlight looking across the place.

    i put the final twist on the blunt an sneek around the building, i jumped on my bike after he got kinda far then i rode back near the store, i got under a street lamp then i saw him comming back to the street, i took some alleys behind the store an crossed a different street, then i saw him w/ bluelights comming my way, i rode as fast as i could down this HUGE hill, i hang a hard left an up the next hill.

    i stopped at the top of the next hill an listened, i thought i heard a car hauling ass on the road nearby, i then took off w/ my blunt lit up an came to the house, then i went an got summore pot from one of my homies, i got 3 blunts of dro for 10$
  2. haha sounds tight man. put on a helmet cam next time :)
  3. thats a fucking good story.
  4. damn. makes me want to get a bike
  5. thats a good story +rep

  6. hell yeah i doubt i could have it planned out like that agian, it would have been one tight video! I have a small ranger cept with it being 3$ a gallon fuck all that noise...
  7. sounds like a fun night good job on getting away
  8. solid evasion my friend, the cop MUST have known you were up to no good, ill bet he drove around for an hour hoping to spot you again.
  9. After all that biking that had to be a rewarding blunt, nice story bro :D
  10. hahah nice story man. Enjoy the rest of the day dude
  11. haha damn man that was a close one that had to wear you out riding ur bike up and down HUGE hills its all good tho you got the blunt rooled and then some enjoy it man you deserve it

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