left plants outside in the rain

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by amani619, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. hi my plants are only 2 weeks old i put them outside and left them and it rained will they survive? do i repot again? please help
  2. Were your seedlings damaged? Do you have good drainage?
  3. Shit you shouldve seen the flash floods I've gotten over the past week and not one of my plants were bothered. I have some that are about two weeks old in a solo cup outside couple of them were bent over but after a day or two they were looking healthy as ever
  4. ..."Round up hates him"
  5. what do you mean?
  6. You planted outside and it rained. That’s supposed to happen.
    Why are you asking? Is there a problem?
  7. they are in pots and it rained to the point the whole soil is moist however it only rained for a bit jus wondering if this will cause damping off
  8. Getting wet, itself, does not cause ‘damping off’.
    Unless they were pummeled by the rain, you should be okay!
    Just make sure your pots have great drainage.

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