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Left Over Brownie Mix and Stench

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 000, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. So, tomorrow I'm going over to hang at my friends dorm during all the flooding so I figured I'd make some brownies.

    I'm going to use some left over brownie mix, would it be alright if I made some cannaoil seperately and added it to the already made brownie mix?

    Also, I don't think odor is that big of an issue, right? I just don't want to attract any unwanted attention... cooking at my friend's dorm and the close quarters might be a problem.
  2. Ey yo, I searched, theres nothing on mixing normal brownie mix thats already been made with cannaoil. I'm not worried about the thc, just the taste... i like my brownies...
  3. Two things

    1. if you add the cannaoil to already made brownie mix, you could end up with too much fat in the mixture and then they won't set you'll have hot brownie goop.
    2. it changes the flavour slightly, makes it earthy/nutty. So just add some chopped hazelnuts or some almond meal. Actually if you add both of those, they should counteract the extra cannaoil you add.
    Add the same amount of almond meal as the cannaoil. (1:1 ratio)
    ok, now I"m hungry thinking about it. good luck,
  4. Alright, thanks man. I don't have much weed, so I'm just going to make it into an uber brownie. This is gonna be a schweet birthday...
  5. Alright, so I was making the canna oil, but the only thing I smelled was the oil cooking.

    After thirty minutes or so (give or take five), I strained it and poured the oil into a little cup. It wasn't as dark as the oil in the pictures I've seen on this site and others. So I mixed it up and cooked about a gram into 3 brownies, and I'm planning on eating them sometime soon, once I'm hungry.

    Is it supposed to smell alot like pot? Cause I got no smell at all...

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