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  1. I am 18 years old. My generation is rolling at EDM, Smoking in the streets of Colorado, fighting for the rights of medicinal marijuana and has full on legalization in their cross hairs. Some claim this generation to be the reincarnated hippies. Grateful Dead replaced with Bass Nectar, Molly is our acid, instead of sandals we wear TOMS, our promise land has shifted from California to Colorado and we fight for the rights of people who deserve them. Seeing where marijuana has come from the 60s, it is at a golden age. Bud is as frequent at house parties as alchol is. Our generation is turning from a drinking society to a smoking one. 
    I used to be one to enjoy marijuana, albeit some negative effects were always present. In my time I have realized a couple things. While many enjoy marijuana it certainly is not for everyone, and many people who enjoy it do not realize that fact. For some after the first hit of the bong, the anxiety begins. Almost instantly delusions about what is really happening start, "Do these people like me?" "Are they laughing at me?". You start to question life and evaluate yourself very harshly, "Do I have enough friends?" "are all my friends, actually my friends?" You try desperately to relax but the thoughts just dont stop. Every high is marred with these although some points are enjoyable enough to smoke the next day. All your friends smoke, you kinda have too to keep the good vibes.
    It is extremely hard for someone who cant enjoy being high to live in this generation. Everyone talks about marijuana, asks you to smoke and criticizes you for abstaining. 
    Next time someone says no to the joint, dont think they are a pussy or not cool. Just remember that everything affects people differently. Keep an open mind, thats what our generation is all about after all.

  2. Man I never believe it when people try and say that our generation are just like the hippies. But, we do smoke a lot of bud.
  3. Bro... You didn't pass did you?? :poke:

    I agree though, all those getting anxious about smoking around ppl should just chill and light one up...

  4. I would never think negatively of someone who doesn't smoke, it's normally the other way around.

    Yeah I sometimes get those feelings also but I use them as opportunities to learn more about myself.

    For example, if I had a thought such as "I don't have enough friends" being high normally makes me think "ok, well since I feel that way what can I do to improve and get more friends?".

    It's all about how you look at it, if you feel negative then your going to interpret it as negative. Next time it happens for you in case you ever decide to try and smoke again, confront yourself about these doubts and you might be surprised at how it can help you work on yourself in the long run.

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  5. Not true. If you mean the minority of REAL ravers/smokers that diffuse love and have a little hippy in them, then you are correct. But the wide majority and the social status quo is not anything like hippies of the 60s. They are just young kids trying to get fucked up.

    I see this because like you, I'm in your generation. But I really don't know to much about the 60s other than how much I like acid and the grateful dead so I can't really pass final judgement. Also the freedom of the 60s is gone. No one can just hop on the hippy train and live freely, instead financial burdens and bueracy screw us from the moment we turn 18.

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  6. i agree with your post other than this:
    its about as easy now as it was then. just fewer people willing to forgo electricity (and an internet connection).
  7. I never get why people get upset if someone doesn't want to smoke or doesn't want to smoke a whole lot since it just means more weed for them lol
  8. I mean you can live as freely as you want in certain settings. Not too hard to hobo it up even now. Lots of federal land that's free to live on for short periods...you just move around every month or so. You wanna smoke...again. not too hard. No one really bothers you. You wanna do other stuff that's fine too....some of the best trips are out in forests/deserts.  Does take a bit of a money investment. You want all the best stuff to make it fairly convenient. Anybody working even a low end job can afford it.
    but yeah...if someone doesn't wanna smoke I consider it more for me. I don't want to be high all the time and even if I do, sometimes I prefer a lone stone.
  9. Yeah...I guess just because it seems a lot more dangerous and everyone looks down on homeless people I am a bit bias.

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  10. toms are so fucking gay
  11. i don't know anybody that gets mad or talks about somebody because they don't smoke unless they're all holier than thou then they pretty much deserve it. weed smokers are usually easy going and chill. maybe they'll offer you a hit but just say no i don't smoke and they won't ask again unless they forget but thats high shit just say no again.
  12. I think your wrong in being criticized if you don't smoke. A lot of ppl/ stoners don't care.
  13. nice.

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    Yeah....never use Bassnectar as a comparison to the Grateful Dead. Nobody has replaced the Dead. At least the Dead and such bands made music...lol dubstep. 
    "Hippies reincarnated", I'd have to disagree with you again.
    I don't think this generation shares any ideals besides wanting Marijuana legal. 
    Most people of this generation only care about themselves, which would be the polar opposite of the love generation. 
  15. Edm sounds like my old computer buffering fk that shit IMO if you like it that's your thing. Molly our acid soo sad fk that Lucy all day dem chemist need to get back in the kitchen.

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  16. pretty sure acid is still acid
  17. Its not that this generation is reincarnated 60's hippies, we've got our own style and our own shit.

    Yeah back then they were more involved in protest and politics and now no one really seems to give 2 shits...

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  18. Your high is just trying to tell you something man

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  19. this. in many ways its actually gotten easier, unless you want to purchase cheap land for homesteading or join a commune.

    nah,acid is 2c-x now ;)
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    I dont like comparing one gen to another because honestly i have no idea how different it is because I wasnt alive then. all i know about a previous gen is the sort of stereotype that has been made of it by everyone. i do think in general, since forever, a lot of people are all just struggling through lives through their problems, humans are social and are always worried about conforming in one way or another. personally judging from my town it just seems like everyone jus likes to get fucked up to numb their emotions, and the more easily accessible this is the more they'll do it because they never allow themselves to gain the discipline to deal with their emotions w/o some type of drug.
    i dont feel like any generation ends up diff...most of the people in my gen r going to end up just like there parents gen, theyre gonna grow up, fall in love, let it consume them, give up their dreams for their love, get to comfortable in life n feel stagnant, fall out of love, feel depressed, n go back to abusing drugs/alcohol like they did as a kid since they never learned to deal w/emotions with discipline.
    the clothing, the popular topics in the news, the cars, all that shit may be different, but underneath it all we r for the most part very similar. human behavior is surely more predictable and repeating than we sometimes realize.
    for example, sure technology may be fuckin up how we communicate now, but if you went back into the 70s and gave all those hippie kids iphones, they'd be doing the exact same thing, talking less in RL and using technology to communicate more..because it's pretty human for people to do anything they can to avoid being emotionally burned...ppl r using apps to talk and set up dates n hookups because it allows less a chance to feel less upset than approaching ppl in real life. give them the opportunity to save their feelings more and they will take it, they'll abuse it, it's so human to watch ppl do this in any way they can. i've got friends who r alcoholics who always smell like it on their breathe and they r jus going numb thru life to avoid the pain and avoid learning to live w/o alcohol, because that would mean they'd have to go through that difficult learning phase of learning how to live w/pain and they jus dont have the discipline to do it. and I think sometimes ppl call our current gen wussies because we are wussies, we have to much opportunities to numb and/or avoid our emotions (not jus w drugs but technology) that we r not maturing.
    thts just my POV
    and in general the "hippies" i think were jus another social fad..also pretty predictable human behavior to get swept up in a movement..in fact by the time "hippies" became cool all the original hippies were probably moved on from it, the moment it became cool it lost it's power to change anything n jus became a superficial accessory. the easier it is to be part of a group the less effort people put towards the groups original intent, i think. as the numbers grow with superficial people the power of the group becomes watered down and eventually dissolves
    ^^fck this post is long sorry sometimes i go off

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