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Left or Right kush?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mikesu58, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. On the left is some outdoor kush, on the right is Green kush. from 2 different dealers in my city. If you had the choice to pick one of the two, which would you choose? The green kush is in 2 smaller nuglets, the outdoor actually came in huge 5 gram nugs, thats a piece I chopped off with a knife lol anyways, Lets hear which you guys pick, and why? :smoking:


    I don't mean Left & Right pictures, I mean left and right IN the pictures. The left Nug is Outdoor kush in both pics, and the right nugs are Green Kush in both pics

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  2. left..but they look similar. how dense are the buds?
  3. I second this.
  4. The left bud is denser, the right buds are fluffier. The right bud smells better in my opinion though, left bud has that really overwhelming sour / citrus smell when you grind a nug, the right buds I haven't smoked nor broken nugs yet but they smell good period. like a light hazy sweet
  5. left, the SUN is way more powerful then any lights so therefore better bud
  6. arent they the same?
    Each nug resembles the exact same shape as the other, in the comparison photos.
  7. I know lol
  8. Not exactly true.
  9. But certain lights have the perfect wavelengths for growing weed.
  10. gotta love that beef dip brother ;)

  11. Both pictures are same nugs from different angles, Your comparing the nugs left & right IN the photo, in both photos. So on the left side in both pictures is the Outdoor *You can see its denser* and on the right is the green kush *thats fluffier and looks slightly different*
  12. I'd go with the outdoor stuff. Outdoor always seems to have a certain kick and euphoric feeling to it that I find indoor buds often lack.

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