left light on for close to an hour after 12 hour light period (flowering) Help!

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  1. im fixing to go to my 3rd week of flowering in a few days, there are 2 white hairs (big ones) every fuckin where on my plant:) but i got tied up in traffic coming home and didnt get the lights off till 5:43pm, when i opend up the door all her leaves were in rest. the light schedule is on at 5am and back off again at 5pm. please tell me she wont back into veg on me :(.... i was thinking of turning the lights on at 5:30am tomorrow and off at 5pm to try and make up for that time will this work??
  2. Should be fine dude just buy some timers, yeah try giving it two more hours dark today it wont hurt. Peace
  3. cool, need more responds tho (it will make me feel better lol) but ya i have a timer but the shity lights have to be manualy turned on, they dont have rapidstart on the fixtures (5 dollar 2 t12 bulb 4ft fixture) i got here under 3 of them

  4. One day will not cause any damage, especially since nature's sunset varies daily. That hour is nothing.

  5. invest in a timer, it is worth it and you don't have to worry about rushing home.
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    ya i wouldn't worry to much..... im in week 4 and i've had my light NOT turn on...and i've been late 15 to 35 min late ..mine are still in full BLOOM....

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  7. cool, fixing to kick lights on in 10 min, thanks :D

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