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Left-handed pipes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by AlexTheGreat8, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. I am a lefty and I want a left-handed pipe. Where can I find those?
  2. Any headshop man, any headshop. Lol
  3. Is there even a such thing as a left handed pipe?

  4. Yeah there is, it's just where the carb is located.
  5. is it that big of a deal man?

    I'm a left as well, but I can use my right.

    I just use my thumb to cover the carb and light the lighter with my right if I'm using my left hand.

    If I'm using my right, I use my lighter in my left hand and index finger of my right to cover the carb.

    It's not a big deal.
  6. You could try etsy. Honestly, though, I'm right handed and it doesn't bother me to smoke out of either kind. If you can't find a lefty one, I'm sure a righty one would be fine.
  7. This^
    It's kinda odd. I'm strictly right handed. But when I smoke, I smoke with my left.
  8. me too
  9. most pipes are left handed arent they?

    carb on the left side so you light with your right, right?
  10. I light with either hand I find my lighter in, it doesn't bother me.
  11. thats wierd im stricly right handed with everything i do exept weed haha i switch the pipe between my hands without even thinking of course i dont got a carb but it dont make no difference to me
  12. I'm left-handed to the point where the right hand is little more than a worthless stump with fingers.

    I have a glass spoon that I always hold in my right hand. Spark it up with the lighter on the left hand and grip so my index finger is over the carb. My ex-chick's spoon was the same way.

    What I would like to find is a bong/bubbler with some sort of lever to pull out the bowl. I have trouble coordinating those activities.
  13. I prefer to use pipes that carb on the finger side, not the thumb, whichever hand it is.
  14. one of my pieces has the carb on the right hand side, the others are on the left so i can use my thumb

    i hold with my left and light with my right but i am right handed
  15. I have a left handed pipe, and im right handed!

    It was the coolest looking pipe in town
  16. Hell yeah! +rep And just curious, i'm not sure what a left handed pipe would be considering I use one with the carb on the right, which leaves me to light the bowl with my left hand which is what I do best.
  17. Try and find a pipe with the carb on the front. I find them just as good as any other, and a hell of a lot easier to clean.

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