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Left ear feels clogged/ears feel uncomfortable when high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by newwaveguy, Apr 16, 2023.

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    I've been smoking regularly for almost 2 years now and would say I'm very experienced and this has not happened to me until recently. I'm going to the ENT doctor for more conclusive answers but right now I'm at a loss.

    A little over two months ago I developed tinnitus in my left ear from loud music exposure for a very long period of time (about 10 years of blasting music in my ears, I'm 23 now). It was super annoying and made me anxious at first, but I still got high and eventually got used to it, because my T is very quiet and weed helped me keep my mind off of it and stay positive. I vape and use dabs and have not smoked flower in a very long time, so I'm using the most healthy option there is. But a few weeks ago, this clogged feeling started developing in my left in ear but only when I would get high. I've never felt it before, but the more high I got the more uncomfortable it would feel and I'd spend the whole high focused on it almost, especially since it made quiet music with headphones feel pretty awful to listen to, the bass would amplify it. I still continued for a while though thinking I'd get used to it or that it was nothing to worry about, but naturally it was making me worried. This one time I hit the dab and was pretty high, I got up and I started to feel lightheaded like I might faint. And even when doing edibles the clogged feeling came back... I stopped doing it for a week because it was just too uncomfortable and I thought a tolerance break might fix it.

    But it didn't. And the next time I got high that clogged feeling was back when using my vape. Any strain I vaped would give me that feeling, though when I switched to dabbing I just got a huge headache with a sativa but no clogged feeling (I know that can happen with sativas but I mostly smoke sativas and it's pretty rare, but it might have been from the burnt out coil, idk) and then I switched strains (and a fresh coil) to an indica and the clogged feeling was not there, but my ears started to hurt a little like there was this stabbing pain on occasion and felt itchy.

    So, I'm thinking it's an ear infection that for some reason only feels noticeable when I'm high, maybe eustachian tube dysfunction - though my hearing does not become muffled or change at all - or that it's psychosomatic, maybe because I've been thinking about my ear health a lot lately. Maybe it could have to do with the tinnitus I developed, but it doesn't make any sense to me. The weird feelings are undeniably there each time so I don't think it's psychosomatic. I tried smoking an e-cig (I don't use e-cigs or anything like that ever) and it didn't make my ear plugged (but honestly I know I probably didn't breathe it in all the way because my lungs just can't handle it.) I've now been sober again for another week and my ears have felt a little bit off - my left ear having a dull sort of pain but only occasionally, and both ears feeling that "itchy" sensation - so I think it could be a (middle ear?) infection of some kind but it's so subtle and only becomes very noticeable when I'm high. So I have to stop until I see the doctor again I think. Gotta wait 3 weeks which is worrying me, yay.

    So I've been looking for answers anyways because I'm so confused, because I have my medical card for a reason. I know the ENT doctor will recommend not smoking, but I can barely eat because I have an eating disorder, my depression and anxiety are through the roof, and well.... I just love smoking and really don't want to quit. But I also don't want to risk my ear health, so any answers of any kind would be appreciated. I know no one can tell me for certain what it is but maybe someone here can help.
  2. post back what the doctor says ..

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  3. What have you learned in all the searching?
  4. that it could possibly be eustachian tube dysfunction, but that doesn't make much sense to me because it doesn't seem like it's from the smoking. some people have said the clogged sensation just happens to them for no reason but it's extremely weird considering it's never happened to me before. my bet would be on an ear infection because other people have said THC can irritate your ears but once again, it just doesn't make much sense to me. the ENT doctor also said my ears were perfectly healthy a month ago when i went. i don't know what to think.
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  5. When you get high, it makes your ears more susceptible to loud noise damage. Same if you drink alcohol, or any mind altering substance.

    If you keep blasting loud music in your ears, youre going to get permanent hearing damage.

    Marijuana use, be it edibles, or smoking has also been linked to tinnitus.
  6. well shit. i don't blast music in my ears anymore though...
  7. Odds are that smoking didn’t cause whatever the issue is , ear issues probably are somewhat common regardless of smoking or not.
    yeah once the damage is done it’s done, I got ear pain in one ear that comes and goes from watching loud movies in theaters a lot and at home . A step past tinnitus, I don’t get the ringing just pain.
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  8. alright so here's an update from seeing the ENT doctor.

    i have TMJ so there's that. kinda thought i might've had it so i guess it explains things like the constant headaches each night, though that could be from a number of things but i sure do get soreness around my jaw and ear area. i also had wax buildup in both ears and dry skin buildup in my left ear where most of my problems were and he cleaned that out and i got prescribed some drops for it and it HURT when he cleared out my left ear but not when he cleared out my right. he said the clogged feeling from smoking is eustachian tube dysfunction (i think that's what he was trying to say, because he was describing those symptoms but never said ETD) and that i should at least let up on smoking, and i've quit for a month roughly. i've also tried clearing my sinuses to see if that would help. i don't know why the feeling was only in one ear or why it happened when just doing edibles. from some of the stuff i've researched i guess THC can irritate the ears in general, and my ears sure have been irritated from the super high volumes i used to listen to music at lol. (i now listen at much much lower volumes.) my ears still feel kinda weird, now weirdly enough the itchy feeling is more in my right than in my left. so yeah. none of this sounds promising. i'm going to micro dose tonight or sometimes soon and see how i feel but i think the last time i micro dosed my left ear still felt strange and it's... upsetting to say in the least because i thought the ETD would've gone away by now. maybe i should stop using my earbuds but when i was using headphones they felt just as bad if not worse in some cases. so yeah, that's about it.
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  9. update update i feel amazing my ear feels pretty fine i am listening to music and i am just vibing so to speak. when you take a break for a month this shit is sooooooo good lol
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    and another update. started smoking on friday and by sunday was feeling the same clogged feeling again, but managed to distract myself with the high and still had a good time. i know it's eustachian tube dysfunction so at least i know what it is. on monday basically the whole day my ear still felt clogged and it was pretty annoying but not the worst and it went away by the night time when i felt my high really start to subside (if you take a month's long break and go back to concentrate you will be Feeling That Shit for a while). it hasn't affected my hearing at all though. i want to smoke today so bad but i have a bad feeling that i just can't. at least not every day like i used to. and edibles cause the same feelings, or at least they did the last time i tried them. in fact i first noticed the clogged feeling for the first time when doing edibles. i want to smoke this weekend and see how i feel and get some new strains (i don't think smoking sativa/hybrid/indica has any effect on my ear) but if it gets noticeable well i guess i'm done for 6 months or however long it takes for ETD to fully heal. sigh.

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