Left Curing Jar Open Overnight :(

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  1. its been curing for 5 days so far after a 10-11 day hang dry so last night i burped both jars forgot to close them before i fell asleep 9-10 hours later i wake up wonder why i smell bud n its my biodiesel mass jars open! im like fuck i panic and check buds and smoke .5 then checked moister and thank god it wasn't sand dry now i closed lids and put back in dark place was this a really bad fuck up because prior to this my buds tasted a bit like chlorophyll and was hoping for it to leave in 3-4 weeks of curing  ??

  2. I use a small temp/humidity gauge I picked up in a cigar shop for like 10 bucks.. gradually drop the jar humidity to 58%  that is your goal.. freshly jarred weed can smell like mowed grass for a week or 2.. scary but normal.. that will fade as the cure continues and the scent you thought was lost will return..
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  3. thank you but will it mess up  getting that smell now that i burped it for 9 hours 
  4. depends on how dry it was before you left it .. all you can do now is get a humidity gauge and see just where it's at.. anything over 58% and your still curing.. if it dropped under that your hosed..  leave jar sealed with gauge inside for an hour or more to get a good read..
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  5. thanks just put it in now waiting on it its at 60ish now 
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    everyone has their own idea of curing however I don't think anyone would say you have harmed the process by leaving your jar open for that time. I cure mine by opening the jar for 24 hours at a time. increasing the time that the jar is closed over the curing time
  7. I'm in the SW US with low humidity most of the time.. a jar left open to long will stone dry in just a few hours and indeed be ruined.. your results will vary depending on how dry the product was.. time open and the relative humidity at the time.. as early as you are I doubt you got low enough long enough to stop the cure..
  8. 9-10 hours aint all that bad. 9-10 days is bad.

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