Left coast?

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  1. I got a bong from a LHS a couple months back and its called Left coast, I cant find much information about it. The bong was $80 and its 2ft tall. its not a tube, its got one of the big ass bowl-shaped bottoms where the water goes. Has anyone ever heard of left coast? Its a really nice bong, i love it:bongin:
  2. yea my lhs carries them but they look like a pretty soild brand definitly not china glass put up some pics of that :bongin:
  3. Yea its California blown, not sure how quality its considered, but I like mine a lot. You got it for only $80? Shit, my friend paid $150 (he broke our old bong and replaced it with a Left Coast). I like mine a lot but I have an inline a/c on it that really makes it amazing to hit haha, its a solid piece for sure though, well made.
  4. I cant post pics quite yet, but there was a guy on youtube who had the exact same bong as me, everything exactly identical, lemme see if i can find that vid, ill post it up here
  5. I didnt even pay 80, the shit was half off lol, 40 bucks out the do'. then got a nice color changing slider for 10. mine doesnt have any fancies on it, just straight bong.
  6. Okay, i cant find out how to upload vids on GC so heres the link. And dont critisize me about the newb using it. I rip that shit 10x better than him... And his dank is garbage.

    Link: YouTube - marley bong
  7. A bubble bottom? I still choose my 9mm bubble as my daily driver. 18", 3 perc tree, shower head down stem, and an ice-pinch slide. (Alex K arrived the day after my plane landed 1,400m away... My luck) That big bottom churns some beefy hits! Never seen a Left Coast. The YouTube video looked like just another LHS bong, just not as cheap looking.

    Congrats on the purchase!
  8. Yea its definitely nothing to go around bragging about, I just had 50 bucks to work with and i wanted something tall and see-through, so i jumped all over this wen the dude told me it was half off lol
  9. yeah as mentioned left coast is blown here in california, which is one of the 3 reasons why i bought my left coast, the other 2, it was $50 and i wanted a beaker bottom. its a pretty solid tube, its taken some dings against the ground and my bathtub. i just dont like the way it hits, but i dont like the way most beaker bottoms hit.

    heres a picture of mine.

  10. I think they copied another makers font, Ive seen that font before. Cant quite place it though. But damn yea thats a nice piece, ive never hit a beaker bottom, but i do like bubble bottoms, those are all ive used lol. No tubes or anything. Well, I have a plastic bong. But thats nothin lol.
  11. +1 for bath-tub durability. People say some dirty things about Phire, and I'm sure many have shown unfavorable results, but mine has knocked against many things during cleaning, (heavy ass piece), and not even so much as a hairline crack.

    Do these have any affiliation with Illy? The label is a little familiar, and a few websites mention Illy around Left Coast. Apologies for the ignorance.

  12. im not sure on that, but now that you mention it, the labels do look pretty damn similar, illadelph is located out of Philadelphia, soooo idk if they actually are related.
  13. Lol thats it!! Illadelph! I KNEW that damn font looked familiar lol
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    Good point. Damn... Being so close to Philly, I am itching to check their shit out, just don't have the balls to ship something back home or take it on the plane in a few months.

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