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Left Coast

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by sum_gud_bud, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Just picked up a bong from left coast, anyone ever hear of them? click to enlargeee

  2. never heard of them. probably a local company.

    looks like a solid tube, the joint looks nice and thick.

    how much it run you?
  3. $100 even with tax, tag said 115 originally.
  4. Nice, the label looks simlar to Delta9, how thick?
  5. not exactly sure, probably 4-5 mm though. it hits like a champ :hello:
  6. your pic hosting is a pop up for adult friend finder
  7. my cousin (smokinfaces314) just picked up one of the same bongs. It's pretty nice especially for the price
  8. looks and solid. nice pickup.
    does look like delta 9
  9. Hell yeah man, that is just like my tub just a little smaller, and those hit like champs for sure, and for 100 bucks, i'll buy that anyday man. Good pick dude, looks real nice.

    Happy Tokin!
  10. that label reminds me of the illadelph label. nice pickup
  11. looks nice and thick man... good price too!

    Enjoy :)
  12. I've seen this company in one local shop where I live. You from Columbus area by chance? Looks like a solid tube though, nice pick up.
  13. actually left coast is made by some blowers who were tired of putting up with Luca in charge of illadelph. he blows sick glass but i guess isn't the best with business. anyway left coast is sick ass glass made buy people who left illadelph and blow out of Georgia. illadelph quality glass for sick prices.
  14. nice bong dude, i have a shirt that says left coast, lol

  15. Small world, I got my left coast from import house in Columbus.

    For the price, it was pretty good, but i'm fairly disappointed in the quality. I'm a clean freak and always make sure its clean after every use and I noticed that there are imperfections in the glass in the beaker bottom. Also the white "left coast" label on my blue downstem has begun to wear after extremely light use and fairly mild cleaning. I'd say the label is about 10-20% gone and looks like shit.

    Other than that, at $135 for a beaker bottom with ice catcher, 18mm fitting on the bong and 14mm fitting on the end of the diffused down stem, I can't bitch too much. I even got a left coast t shirt :)

    As for the correlation between left coast and illadelph, where did you hear that?
  16. did you buy this piece from the smoke store in clifton?
  17. Just picked one of these up today. Just took my first couple of rips off of it (strawberry haze and lemon skunk) and then googled left coast which brought me back to GC. Hits like a champ. Feels very solid. Thick ass glass. I will take care of it like fine jewelery.
  18. Hey guys, this is my first post on the forum, I bought a Left Coast a few weeks back with a quad-tree perk/diffuser and an ice catch I will get a pic up tomorrow.
  19. nice glass man,
    I just picked up some Left Coast glass from my head shop. It's 5mm, thick joint, ice catcher and it came with the diffuser and the dude threw in the better bowl (which belonged to the more expensive 9mm left coast pipe) and a glass screen...all for $130!! I was very pleasantly surprised at the deal and the quality of the glass.

    I'll hit it tonight and try and get some pics up
  20. My friend had a left coast it was amazing but watch out the bottom beaker is really thin. Thats what broke on my friends

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