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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by InferiorWang, Sep 17, 2003.

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  1. ...is so fuggin hot! She\'s so much better than Ashley Judd.

  2. i totally agree zoned!!!
    that is one smokin pic of brad pitt!!!!! woooowsers! and the pic of ashley judd............sweeeett!
  3. How can you argue with these breasts? And she has a great ass, too.
  4. dammit my room mate was talking to me and I forgot the pic.
  5. Ashley Judd would go completly apeshit, hillbilly crazy and kick Leelee\'s ass. That\'s makes Ashley much more hotter in my book. Everyone knows that crazy women are the best in bed.
  6. look into these eyes and tell me they don\'t cut right to your soul.

  7. Wait a minute. That\'s that Helen Hunt look-a-like chick. Sorry but I don\'t like helen hunt... nor her look-a-likes.

    Now this is a hot woman!
  8. You all buy into that super skinny \"if I humped her shed break\" look. I wanna girl who I know can go all night. I wanna girl who looks real. Not real fat, real.

  9. Wow. hot as hell AND british! (I have a thing for british chicks)

    I\'m gonna have to save that pic.
  10. I know what you\'re into \'dude. You\'re in a different category from the rest of the guys here. :D

  11. What, ?? hairy armpits and teeth that leave a lot to be desired?? you can have \'em all, mate!
  12. they shave their armpits cuz it\'s less dirty looking. I like a smooth woman.
  13. I don\'t want to get it on with any guys I know and they all have hairy armpits. However, every girl I\'ve liked has had smooth armpits. How \'bout that reasoning?
  14. Ahh!!

    you guys have VERY differant taste in women than me.

    hurley is beautiful, those other chicks, no thank you.

    I like tall thin dark hair green eyes sexy stuck up bitchy type (aslong as you can get them on your side, i dunno what it is...i think it came from back in highschool, i always LOOVED that group of chicks who think they are way better than everyone and are mean to everyone, i was always thinking, \"hell, if i was hot like that, id be a prick to me too :D i was wierd back then.. not that im normal now...??)

    but anyways.... ive gotten off track here.

    Millaq Jovovich is a MAN!!!! Send him over to zonedude...
  15. millaq is actually my east indian friend.

    he wants to have a word with you...

  16. ahaha. I was thinking more of the attitude and accents. They just seem more proper I guess. At least the ones i\'ve known. lol.
  17. so you want a girl with the british attitude and accent, but good teeth and smooth pits? You can\'t have it all.

  18. Well you like \"real\" women but they have to shave their pits? Thats a mini-contradiction. And also I don\'t like those super skinny supermodel types either. Just an average weight chick that happens to be good looking imo. But average weight in the US is really up there so probably inbetween average and skinny.
  19. how about athletic? is that a good enough description for the size you want. Not too skinny. Not too big.

  20. no they don\'t...... i bet if i sent you a pic of my ex you would think she was hotter.

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