Leeds Fest (stories of smoking enclosed)

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Ok I just got back from leeds festival- here is my little report for ya of switchey boy's weekend (nb: you can read the reviews of all of the bands on the music websites- this is just switch's extra curriculur activities):

    Thursday- we arrive at the campsite, me carrying a tent, my rucksack and a 24 pack of beer (oh and has anyone noticed how small american beer cans are in comparison with uk ones?) yeah so we pitched tents. Had no green so I had to survive on shitty soap bar (ah well). My friends met a guy who came and camped with us. With him he brought one of these:

    that he'd bought for £30. Got soooo monged it was untrue.

    Next day the bands started, nothing that amazing until Metallica- which rocked. We met up with this guy that a friend knows and to my delight GREEN! Only big bud but it smelled pretty good. Me and this guy left the Metallica set to go roll a joint in his tent (which was huge and there was only the two of us smoking it). We missed Enter Sand Man but didn't care as we were quickly fucked after we had finished this monster of a joint. Got back to the tent and discovered that we'd left all of his green in his tent back a good mile or so away so we decided to smoke hash- which was actually quite good as we managed to score a little of the proper shit. Anyways we chonged all of that in the bong with the stoner guy and a few other people we'd met. We quickly discover that we have no weed and decide to take the bong on a trip offering it as a utensil for hire- they can use it if they give us weed. Which worked rather well.

    The next day is just a haze of bands and weed in my mind. I do remember my legs feeling like lead as I lay on the floor in the campsite by my tent and everything going really slow, then speading up again all at once and then going normal. Then I remember some girl I was camping with being sent in to talk to me about her friend's missing pills. Now I don't even do pills so I obviously didn't take them and I was quite pissed off- but too chonged to do anything. Oh and shit I forgot to mention that this guy we were camping with got hit on the head by a bottle and had a MASSIVE fucking gash on his scalp so I took him down to the welfare tent and waited an hour or so for a smoke while they saw to him. He was fine in the end though.

    Next day it was wake and bake. Got up, chonged a bong or three off our friend then sat around eating bacon sandwiches. Or it may have been the other way around..... I dunno anyways. We see some bands, smoke a little weed but I was just totally monged from those three or so bongs we had in the morning for most of the day (I have low tollerance at the moment having not smoked for a good month or two beforehand- at least I was of low tollerance, now I dunno). I get back to the camp after being in the front fucking row for blur!!!! Covered in sweat I don't want to chong or drink as there are fuckers taring the campsite apart around me. Didn't turn into a full scale riot like last year this time but I wanted to be ready to pick up my (allready packed) stuff and just fuck off if rioting started. Got up this morning after having around 4 hours sleep and came home. Knackered or still stoned at the moment so this chair feels like I am just sinking deeper and deeper into it. Anyways there it is.

  2. So...you got monged chonging bongs all weekend?

    COOL! :D

    I'm glad you had a good time, Switchy Boy! You deserved it, dude. The pill incident and the bloody head could have been total buzzkills, though.

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