LEDs worth it?

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  1. So I'm setting up my dresser for a stealth grow and been debating cfl's, mh/hps, and led was introduced to me recently. I don't know the difference in led's, how to grow with them, or anything. It'd be like handing a cellphone to a cave man okay people? Anyways I've heard a lot about LED setups causing deficiencies in the plants, and then having to add whatever chemical/ nutrient you need to fix the deficiencies. Also I've heard a lot of led grow lights, don't quite do the right job. Blah blah blah. But I do like that they are low maintenance as in i don't need to regulate light temps. Anyways any info would be more than grateful. 

  2. Tough question mate lol....

    Personally I use MH/HPS, but I have heard of some very experienced growers getting very respectable yields from LED's. I think it all depends on the quality of the LED unit you purchase to be honest.....a cheap one won't be up to the job, and a decent one will come with a hefty price tag....which then makes the MH/HPS option sound preferable....

    But then again LED's are cheaper to run, so you can recoup the initial outlay fairly quickly, and they do kick out way less heat than MH/HPS do, but all in all, I'm still of the opinion that MH/HPS are still the best available indoor light source at the moment....but that could all change 5-10 years down the line if LED units keep getting better. 

    My 2 cents - if you go LED you will spend more to begin with, less during the grow, and end up with slightly less than you would with HPS, providing you bought a decent unit......if you aren't prepared to spend in the region of $1000 up front for one I would stick to MH/HPS for the time being. 
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  3. Okay, because I've found some for like 150-180 that are good size, because ill be growing in a small dresser and onl one plant at a time. And the fact that all I'd need is some mylar, 2-5 gallon bucket/pot, the led, and nutes. where as the mh/hps is totally preferable and i would use them but setting up air flow and ventilation is a basic bitch and a half on my dresser not to mention that it's supposed to be "stealth".
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  4. Yeah I get the logic behind opting for LED if stealth is an issue mate, but for $150 I wouldn't expect much in the way of quality to be honest....I'm no expert, but I believe it's more to do with the wattage of each individual diode within the unit and the lumen spectrum it provides rather than the actual size of the unit. 

    That being said I'm sure there probably are half decent units out there at a not too ridiculous price, but it's safe to say there are also a shit ton of unscrupulous sellers out there flogging sub standard merchandise too bro.....best of luck though man, hope you get a good one. 
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  6. Well they ran out of mine, so no EXACT link, but this is the same(This one actually has one more fan than mine)( I would of have bought this one but i jumped the gun and bought the first cheap one i saw) Also if this is to large, the second link would be my second option.
  7. $100 led does this

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  8. I got a 180W veg cab and 540W flowering cab and LEDs are working great so far. I went with 1W cree diodes, most important thing aside from actual wattage pull is diodes and spectrum IMO. With a lower W diode like mine, you might benefit from a SOG type setup, because LEDs typically have penetration problems and you'll get very airy buds at the bottom of the plant

    I'm just about to flower some plants, so I can't really say how many Grams per Watt I will get, but for veg I can say they are really nice. Keeps nice tight node spacing, not so stretchy plants and temps are very easy to manage.

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  9. If you want a pretty good light for a good price, talk to Sarah the topled rep on here. The older gen lights are pretty cheap and work GREAT, if you got a little more then look into a mars2. I've bought cheap LEDs from China and they work great, but I wish I went with topled. A little cheaper $ per watt

    Remember that LEDs only pull about 50% of their rating, for example a 300W of LED actual draw is about 150W of actual draw. you will have about the same temperature watt for watt with practically any type of lighting, so adequate ventilation is needed the more wattage you push regardless of HPS or LED.

    And if you throw out the expectations that an LED that is 100W will outperform a 600W HPS like many people seem to have I think you'll have great results. :)

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