LEDs not invincible

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  1. Friday morning I was changing nutes and noticed my girls were barely being lit. I checked the LEDs and literally 1/2 of them were off. In a panic I called Sunshine Systems. Was told the UFO has two ballasts and that one blew, and this happens occasionally. Told me to send it back and they would repair/replace.

    I mentioned I was 3+ weeks into bloom and could not be without. They suggested I buy a 80 watt CFL locally to tide me over.

    I asked if they could send a new one (charging me of course) and crediting me once they get mine. They agreed.

    I can't say enough about their customer service
  2. a growers worst nightmare. Light problems during flowering. Nice to hear they were so helpful though :)
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  5. in 06 this forum wasnt as cool as it is now :p despite a lot of companies building hype for themselves now..
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