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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by hippie john, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. I'm begining to read up on LEDs like a fuckin madman, all the different types of wavelengths and such. this might just prove to be an alternative answer to my no light theory! sinse LEDs are able to put out just a single wavelength, they can precisly give nourishment to the plant, without destroying psycoactive chemicals. I've been snooping around on overgrow (i lost my damn password, again i still cant remember my username from june 02, lol):p and everyone whos trying it uses like 2 - ~300 LEDs. i'd be thinking of using upwards of 1500 or 2000. have them covering the ceiling, walls, and maybe have a few little LED cubes hanging in amongst the plant.

    I'm really starting to get into this new idea:D

    *runs off to find more info*
  2. wotever gave u that idea john???? :)
  3. i dunno, i'v always wanted to do a grow in a 6" wide x 6" deep x 12" high box. not for a good yeild obviously, but just to see if it can be done. who knows why i do most of the stuff i do.:p
  4. i thought LEDs were to hot to grow with? thats wot u told me anyway.
  5. BTW have u seen the NASA info on growing with LEDs?
  6. i've heard of t, but havent accually read it. and i'm gonna make the arrays inside a thin plexiglass box, so the inside can be ventilated by a small comp fan. if you have a link to the NASA growing thingy, i would be very interested in reading it!:) wonder what them boys at nasa are thinkin up.
  7. my m8s got the whole thing printed out, he done it at work at at a goverment place. if i can get a link to it or borrow the stuff and scan it in 4u i will next time i go to cheltenham ;)
  8. ok sounds good man, i'll do a search fro it as well:)

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