Ledfether says "High" to The City!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ledfether, May 11, 2003.

  1. Hello everybody!

    This a new member "howdy" post. I didn't see an "introduce yourself" forum so I thought since I'm a middle aged fart, I would introduce myself in the Seasoned Smokers forum.

    Any suggestions for a site newbie will be much appreciated.

    I'm on my second grow currently and I have been an "Overgrow" member since last year. That site has been so slow to browse and post on lately, I thought I would do a little shopping!

    I vegged under weak fluoros last year and flowered outside, which resulted in a monster plant that was both a dream and a nightmare come true!

    This year I have built a nice grow box indoors and I'm kicking it off with 42 watt spiral fluoros. I found a hermie among my 4 females this year (just a few male flowers, not a bunch) so after yanking that sucker out, it appears I'll have both indoor and outdoor action starting now!

    I like to share pics, so I hope it's not hard to upload, etc. here.

    Anyway, High everybody!



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  2. there is a hello thread, but i dont care. im no mod so who am i to say to move this? welcome, theres also forums for posting your plants. you should take more pics when they start budding and show what you got!

  3. Welcome, Nice pics. And what age is middle aged?
  4. Welcome to the stoner community.. Kick off your shoes and come on in!

    Enjoy your stay!
  5. Hey,

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm still finding my way around so I must have misses the intro forum. I don't mind if it's moved there.

    I'm happy to share pics! Got a bunch of 'em!

    I'm "nearly 40", that feels like middle aged to me!

    Here's a close up at 26 days of 12-12. Is it OK for me to post bud pics here, or do I need to go to the pics forum for that.

    Don't want to rub any feathers the wrong way!


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  6. WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME..........those are nice pics. Looking at beautiful plants like that always gets me in the mood to smoke. No, wait...........I'm always in the mood to burn down. But welcome once again and enjoy our many hospitalities we have here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Welcome to the city friend. Pretty bud pics. Enjoy your stay here. :)

  8. high.... nice pics. everyone

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