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  1. Dose any one use led lights are the any good I was looking at the ones on hts web site . I have a 400 watt hps can I use those with it or should I just get the 150 watt hps
  2. I've read about LED grows. Only the people who use them know how well they work. I've seem amazing plants, but you can't believe everything you see on the net. It's too easy to stage a grow as you want to present it. By that I mean, advertise a LED grow but really use HPS or CFL and swap lights for the photo shoots.

    I wouldn't use them. If you have a 400 HPS, the LED showuld be all but useless.
  3. this is correct, there are LED salespeople all over the net with recockulous stories about 2 grams per watt and crap like that.

    Rump has a very good thread where he does a test run with LED's and breaks it down pretty good.

    Definitely don't use LED instead of HPS, IMO it is only really useful as a supplementary light, and dont let the cost of the LED take away from anything else.

    BUT if you have the cash laying around, I have heard they work well for supplementary, and they dont give out heat.

    Go read the rump thread it will shed much light on the LED BS.
  4. i use a 90w 2 band led ufo for vegging. it works great . just dont try to flower with it. not good at all. I have heard the 6 band corrects this problem. dont go smaller than 120w if you want to grow more than one plant at a time.
  5. If you buy an LED fixture make sure it uses a ballast. Otherwise you are getting ripped off. Good LEDs need a ballast too, but if you have an hps why bother.

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