Led Zepplin vs. Pink Floyd

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by the white rhino, Sep 21, 2003.


who is a better band Zepplin or floyd and why?

  1. Led Zepplin

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  2. Pink Floyd

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  1. alright if this thread doesnt come out right im sorry i've never posted a poll b4 so bare with me. if it doesnt come out right i just want to know who you think is a better band zepplin or floyd.
  2. ur poll worked out fine! i like both bands alot but i would def. say that led zepplin is by far the best. one of my fav bands of all time. by faaarrr!!!!!
  3. i refuse to vote.....

    Thier both extremly good..... just in different musical aspects.......!


    edit: your all gonna get pissed... but i also think stairway to heaven is one of the most over rated songs ever........ in my opinion, it shouldn't have gotten voted best rock song of all time..... it was just really popular....:rolleyes:
  4. Both bands changed the way music was made, but Pink Floyd's later stuff was not all that great IMO. I vote Zep because I really like ALL their stuff.
  5. I voted for Zepllin. You can't really compare the bands music, but I think Led Zepplin is more widespread and accessible than Pink Floyd. I love them both though.
  6. [​IMG]

    hear the masses!! :)

    I voted Led Zepplin... but both are extremely talented, don't get me going on that! ;)
  7. Led Zeppelin. I love Pink Floyd but Zep is my favorite band ever.
  8. since I HAVE to vote *rolleyes* I go with zeppelin. :)

  9. totally agree with ya! totally!!!! i luv zeppelin, i knew i spelled that wrong, but yeah that song was totally over rated! i like it, but they have so many other songs i liked so much more........... they are my fav. band!!! i like floyd alot too, but not as much, i can listen to zep anytime day or nite, bt floyd, i need to be in a mood!
  10. :) i like both so i vote for pink floyd cause no one else did..........i shake my finger at you all.......i mean hello!!!! THE WALL...need i say more!!!!
  11. yeah sorry i gotta say zeppelin all the way. they just had a chemistry that has been uncomparable in most other bands that exist.

  12. Number #2

    Floyd rules!

  13. woo! and were have you been for the past couple months?!
  14. Definitely Zeppelin! I love their live tracks.
  15. Wow, I'm once again in the minority. Pink Floyd for me, please. But Zep is cool too.. don't get me wrong.

    "Of course I'm mad, I've always been mad. I've been mad for fucking years!"

    (can anyone tell me where that's from?) hehe :)
  16. oh yeah, i love both, i just love page.. so i say what shade said... "latezzz" :D

    ps. it still baffles me how (next to) NO ONE knows how to spell Zeppelin!!!! it's always zepplin, zeppillin, zepellin.. etc.. it's all good though, no hate... peace.. or better said: "latezzz" LOL
  17. Zep are amazing, but Floyd take first place.
    i think alot of you zep fans must be over looking alot. :D teehee.

  18. I see what your saying but i still tip my hat to zep.
  19. im suprised that floyd isnt winning at the moment, Zep is really good but floyd is just so much better, they have more melow rock and u can chill to it easier.
  20. pink floyd all the way

    and just to let you all know sabbath ruled the 70's

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