Led Zeppelin - what do you love most?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by revolutionrealm, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. Led Zeppelin was an amazing band in so many ways. They incorperated blues, Celtic music, folk and Indian styles to create a heavy-assed eclectic sound.
    What is your favorite style or mood Led Zep played?

  2. I really like their quiet mellow stuff like stairway to heaven, i like dyer maker and ramble on, dazed and confused, all great songs, But most best probably while tokin I like the really soft shit, tool does songs the same way, 9minute long quiet mellow songs, thats some of the best music around, for me.
  3. Battle of Evermore, Tangerine, Stairway to Heaven, Going to California, Babe I'm Gonna Leave, and by far prolly my favorite song of all time, The Ocean

    My favorite zeppelin album is III, it's just got a sweet vibe.

  4. I love it all. Their musical composition is like no other. I've never heard another band compose music as they did. I doubt I ever will.

    There are so many songs that are my favorites. Rain Song, Black Country Woman, Tangerine, In My Time of Dying, What Is and Should Never Be, Going to California, D'yer Mak'er, Kashmir, No Quarter, Gallow's Pole....OK...I'll stop. I'm a Zep freak and can't help it. I've always loved them!
  5. ok here goes.....

    when really stoned......babe i'm gonna leave you.....since i've been loving you.......tangerine......kashmir

    when in a p[arty mood.......thank you....livin lovin maid.......immigrant song....whole lotta love.........Peace out......Sid
  6. Damn...you guys love all the same exact Zep mucic I do!! Yeah, it all is awesome, but when they get mellow, pretty and stoned-like, they're in their element...
  7. i'm going to have to say the bluesy tunes like "since i've been loving you" and "i can't quit you babe" are my absolute favorite. but i love ALL ZEPPELIN. nobody has been able to mimic their talent, their passion, their musical range, etc.

    when i'm in a bad mood, i pull out zeppelin and ANY ZEPPELIN TRACK turns me into a grinning fool, no matter how bad things are. zeppelin is my medicine, my soundtrack for life. and i couldn't imagine how i would be without their music!

    and thanks to RMJL for gettin' my back and throwing me towards this thread <3 <3 <3
  8. Yeah, I had to hunt your ass down so you could see the Loving Led Zep thread.

    I'm glad you showed up...I miss you when you aren't here! :(
    I'm happy when you are!:)
  9. wow... for the first time in my entire life i am going to stop my favorite album half way through to listen to led zeplin just from reading your posts.

    this is no small thing...

    once u get into Music Has the Right to Children by Boards Of Canada you'll understand what a big deal that is.

    roll on led zeplin... the first and only band ever to break the chain of BoC!

    i hadnt even listened to my fave track yet... aquarius.

    mmmm immigrant song! aaaaaaaa aaaaaaah aaaaaaa aaaaaahhh... come from the night of the wind and snow ...(or however it goes)

    Led Zeplin III oh yeah!
  10. behtoingtehtoingtehtoingtin behtoingtehtoingtehtoingtin
    behtoingtehtoingtehtoingtin behtoingtehtoingtehtoingtin

    mmm... friends... i had forgotten how damn good Zeplin are! never again will i allow them to slip so deap into my collection.
  11. can't beat a good bit bit of zep........lol.......Peace out.....Sid
  12. track 6

    swingin on teh galows pole, swingin on teh galows pole yeah ah... aaahh ha aaah ha ha aaahh ha ha aaahh ha ha.... i love that tune when it climaxs!
  13. My fav. Zep tune is probably travelin riverside blues. They owe alot to Robert Johnsen.(spelling been bery, bery, good to me)
  14. Oh man theres too many to name(I know its an ancient thread btw)
    My top favorites are:

    Stairway to heaven
    Babe,Im gonna leave you
    Black Dog
    In the Evening
  15. even with robert plant mamin new albums , it will never be the same, his new stuuf is good i wont deny him that bu tthere is no way to duplicate the sound wich is LED Zeplin

    EDIT: im hammeered i hope that made sece
  16. without talking on them for a year ill just say that battle of evermore is awesome lil folky i like it definently mellow..stairway is another good one it changes paces and i like that.

    more of an upeat song id have to go with black dog....immigrant song is ok from time to time (when im drunk only) as long as its not overplayed

    i really dont want to list every song of theirs that i like ....im too lazy for that

    but there are many more
  17. they are, without a doubt, one of the greatest rock bands ever. they're albums span such a broad variety of sound throughout their entire catalog.

    personally, i gotta give it to III. by far my favorite. tangerine is certainly my favorite zep song (possibly favorite song ever). and such gems as immigrant song, since i've been loving you, that's the way, and bron y aur stomp.

    long live page/plant!
  18. Nothing beats cruisin in the car, windows down, sunroof open, blasting trampled underfoot. Oh what a great feeling that is :cool:

    Talkin' about loooove
  19. Every Single song on physical graphitti in the light , ten years gone , custard pie you cant go wrong with zeppelin
  20. Anything Zeppelin is the shit! Well since no one else seems to like my fav zep album, House's of the Holy, The Crunge. Has anyone seen the bridge?

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